How to use the FM radio on your Samsung Omnia 7


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Everyone likes a bit of the ol’ radio from time-to-time and just because you’ve got a smartphone doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the more traditional pleasures of FM radio.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get FM radio up and running on Omnia 7 device in no time at all.

Note: You’ll have to plug in the wired earphones before you can use the radio on the Samung Omnia 7, because this holds the FM antenna.

How to find radio stations on the Samsung Omnia 7

1.       Once you’ve plugged the headset in, select Music + Video from the Start screen.

2.       Flick to Zune and select Radio.

3.       Choose a radio station you want to listen to by swiping left and right to go up and down, or flick to jump to the stations with a stronger signal.

4.       Press favorites to show your favorite radio stations.

5.       Press play or pause to stop or resume playback.

How to add a favorite radio station

1.       When you’ve navigated to a favorite radio station, select the star icon to add it to your favorites.

2.       To remove a favorite radio station, tap the star icon again.

How to switch radio playback to speaker mode

1.       While playing a radio station, press and hold the station number.

2.       You’ll now be able to choose between headset or speaker mode.

3.       Switch back by again pressing and holding the radio station number and switch back.


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