Galaxy S10 Commercial Airs Early By Mistake


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Poor old Samsung. It really hasn’t had the best time keeping the Galaxy S10 a secret; thanks to a series of leaks over the past few months we know pretty much everything there is to know about this still-unannounced handset; from its design to its basic features, not much has been left to the imagination and while we’re still excited to see the finished product, the element of surprise has all but evaporated.

Even more so now, as gaff by a Norwegian TV station has given us an official look at the Galaxy S10. A commercial for the phone aired early by mistake and confirms many of the reports we’ve been seeing recently.

The phone looks exactly the same as leaked images, with that soon-to-iconic Infinity O screen design that uses a ‘hole punch’ camera – 2019’s ‘must-have’ look. The in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is also confirmed, although it is believed this is only on the standard S10 and S10 Plus – the S10 Lite (which wasn’t showcased in this trailer) won’t have it.

The S10 Plus’ triple camera array is also shown off in all its glory, as is the ability to wirelessly charge other devices from the phone itself. Samsung gave some screen time to its forthcoming (and also leaked) Galaxy Buds during this segment.

Samsung will officially lift the lid on the Galaxy S10 range later today; we’ll be finding out about all of the handset’s features and you never know – we may even hear something we didn’t know already. The company is also expected to show off its folding Galaxy phone (about the only thing that hasn’t leaked so far), as well as some wearables, like the Galaxy Sport.

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