Change the dial display on the Samsung G600


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The pretty fountain pen that scribbles the phone number as you dial is all very nice, but if it’s not to your taste, how do you get rid of it? The answer: very easily!

The Dialling display settings lets you change the fountain pen to a good old text display, choosing the size of the font and text and background colour as you go.

To change your Dialling display, from Standby mode:

Click Menu, then highlight Settings and click Select

Highlight Display settings and click Select

Highlight Dialling display and click Select

The first item, Font type, will be highlighted and set to Fountain pen. Click Select and press the right nav keys to change ‘Fountain pen’ to ‘Normal’. The preview will change to show the Normal setting in use. Click Save.

You can now change the options for Font size, Font colour and Background colour.

Font size: Highlight Font size and click Select. Use the left and right nav keys to switch between small, medium and large type. The change will appear in the preview box. Press Save to confirm.

Font colour: Highlight Font colour and click Select. You have two options here – text style and text colour. Use the left and right nav keys to toggle between monochrome, gradation, basic and rainbow, then press the down nav key to activate the colour menu. Use the left and right nav keys again to choose a colour, and when you like what you see in the preview box, click Save.

Background colour: Highlight Background colour and click Select. Choose from the 22 colours (ranging from black and white to tangerine and beaver grey) by scrolling through the names using the left and right nav keys. When you like what you see in the preview box, click Save.

Now click the red End call key to return to standby mode, and the next time you start typing a number, your new colour scheme will be displayed.

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