Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases: Unique, Bespoke Options!


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When it comes to phone cases, you can either go safe and simple or BIG and EXTRAVAGANT!

Personally, I prefer the latter scenario. I hate covering up my beautifully designed phones for the sake of protection, so if I do this, I want the case to look good.

There are plenty of places to buy phone cases these days; more than you could probably even look at in a lifetime.

And most of them are decent enough. Amazon’s probably the most common place most of you shop.

But where things get more interesting is when you look at the little guys, the smaller companies that do similar things – just in a slightly different way.

RedBubble – The Best Place To Buy Galaxy S7 Edge Cases

RedBubble is like a little piece of heaven for anyone that likes bespoke artwork.

Everything on there is created by artists, and they make money when you purchase their designs.

The designs you can get are really cool as well; they’re way better than the cheap-plastic guff you get on Amazon for £5.

Obviously, if a phone case is just there for protection, a cheap one will suffice – and for that you should 100% check out Amazon.

But if you want something different you should 100% spend some time on RedBubble. It has so much cool stuff on there – and it’s not just for phones.

Nope, they do all sorts of stuff!


Check out RedBubble’s full collection of Galaxy S7 EDGE cases, and see which one would look best on your phone!

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