AT&T SLASHES Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Price


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If you’re in the market for a brilliant phone that doesn’t cost $1000, you need to be looking at the Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE and Galaxy S7 which are now a hell of a lot cheaper than they were just a few weeks ago.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are now official and, as predicted, they are both utterly splendid updates. Easily two of the finest smartphones ever produced.

The design is incredible. Ditto the specs. But Samsung has also included a bunch of innovative features – Bixby and DEX, for instance – alongside some pretty significant changes to the display aspect ratio, which makes viewing media on the handsets all the more engaging.

The best thing about the Galaxy S8, however, is its design. It just looks amazing – way better than anything else on the market right now. In fact, I’d go as far as saying even Apple’s iPhone 8 might struggle to impress quite as much now that the Galaxy S8’s are official.

I mean, Samsung beat Apple to the party with an all-display front and the removal of the Home key. That was meant to be the iPhone 8’s big party piece… and now we have Samsung phones with it (as well as the Xiaomi Mi Mix).

The other upshot of a new flagship is lower prices for the outgoing flagship which in this context is the Samsung Galaxy S7.

And now it’s A LOT cheaper than before; like hundreds of dollars cheaper in some instances.

I mean, just check out these price reductions for the Samsung Galaxy S7:

AT&T – Galaxy S7 now just $394.99 (down from $594.99); the Galaxy S7 EDGE, meanwhile, has been reduced by $200 to $494.99.

That’s cheaper than Amazon and pretty much anywhere else. 

This a HUGE saving and the handsets themselves really are exceptional devices. Easily two of the best Android phones ever released.


Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Deals For The UK As of Right Now


And if you’re in the UK – check out these deals via Carphone Warehouse: 


The only reason they’re now a lot cheaper is because Samsung will soon release its new Galaxy S model – the Galaxy S8 – which begs the question: do you REALLY need the latest and greatest handset for $1000 when the Galaxy S7 is still so good (and no so cheap?).

I’d argue, no – you definitely do not need the latest and greatest and if you’re trying to be more fiscally frugal in 2017, then this is definitely the route to go, as you stand to save hundreds of dollars in the process.

Plus, you’re not missing out on too much. I mean, the Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S7 EDGE has the best display ever placed inside a phone, a brilliant camera, a great CPU and they both look stunning.

Yes, the Galaxy S8 will be impressive. Massively impressive. But you will pay a huge premium for it; a premium a lot of people cannot afford. 

So, for this reason, the idea of going a cheaper route, but still getting a very decent phone, should be very appealing. You get all the performance, design and specs of a handset – just for a lot less money. 

It’s like being newly-new cars, once the depreciation has hit. You’re still getting an epic car, a flagship model, just for a fraction of its new price. 

Same thing applies to phones, HDTVs, consoles and pretty much everything else in the consumer electronics space. 

This just goes to show how much margin phone makers actually make on their phones. The fact that Samsung can reduce the price this much shows just how much money these phone companies make when a phone is considered “flagship-grade”.

Given the choice between a brand new Galaxy S7 for under $400 or a new Galaxy S8 for $1000, I know where my money would be going every time.

And, no, it wouldn’t be the new model that’s coming in a couple of weeks!

Not with savings like this. I’d rather have last year’s model of phone and use the savings I made to get myself a Nintendo Switch or some new PS4 games.

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