We Might Get More Than One Galaxy Note 10


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Samsung has been splitting its big Galaxy S launches for some time now, releasing a standard version alongside a larger ‘plus’ model which boasts a bigger display and other extras. However, in 2019, it went one better and released four different models of the Galaxy S10 – and there’s another on the way which will support 5G.

In keeping with this tactic, it would seem that Samsung is going to release not one but two versions of its yearly Note handset in 2019. The Note has traditionally been the South Korean company’s second annual flagship release, so it makes sense to expand the range a little.

ETNews is reporting that the Note 10 will come in 6.28-inch and 6.75-inch flavours, both of which will have LTE support. Versions with 5G are apparently forthcoming too, so technically we could see four Note 10s in the fullness of time. Gulp.

The smaller of the pair would sit in-between the 6.1-inch Galaxy S10 and 6.4-inch Galaxy S10 Plus, while the larger variant would be closer to the Galaxy S10 5G, which is reported to have a massive 6.7-inch display. It is also rumoured that the 5G versions will have four rear cameras.

It’s great to have options, but Samsung is playing a potentially dangerous game here. With so many variants available – and the difference between 4G and 5G not yet obvious to the average consumer – the company risks confusing casual buyers with the sheer volume of different handsets on offer; while Apple is arguably falling into the same trap with its multiple iPad and iPhone variants, it is at least a little clearer on the differences between each model.

The Note is already a rival to the Galaxy S, and now that the screen sizes are so similar the only real difference between the two lines if the S-Pen. Could Samsung’s duplication of devices end up cannibalising its sales, or is more choice ultimately the way to larger profits? We’ll no doubt find out in August, which is when the Note is traditionally launched each year.

And let’s not forget Samsung also has the Galaxy Fold on sale this year…

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