Rumours Suggest 2019 iPhone Won’t Use USB-C After All


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No fast-charging out of the box, again

One of the most bizarre things about being an iPhone owner in 2019 is that Apple still hasn’t made fast-charging standard on its flagship devices. The iPhone XS, XS Max and XR are all capable of fast-charging speeds, but not with the bundled 5W charger that comes in the box. You need to purchase a more powerful charger to hit those speeds, as well as an official USB-C to Lightning cable. If you take the official route (third-party options are available) then you’re looking at an additional £50 to unlock a feature that pretty much every flagship Android phone offers as standard.

While Apple loves rinsing its customers, the arrival of the iPad Pro seemed to suggest things were changing. This latest tablet has USB-C, just like Apple’s refreshed MacBooks. Many took this as a clear indication that the company was finally moving towards the industry standard rather than creating its own bespoke connection standards, and some even believed that the XS, XS Max and XR would use USB-C – which didn’t happen. 2019’s iPhone would surely have it, then?

It would seem even this is wishful thinking, as Macotakara is reporting that this year’s new iPhone models will all use Lightning connections and not USB-C. The report says that Apple is sticking with the old connection for at least one more year. That means the 2019 iPhone will ship with the 5W wall charger, Lightning headphones and standard Lightning cable, just like the 2018 models – and buyers will still have to shell out if they want fast-charging.

Many people complained about the lack of fast-charging support out of the box with the XS, XS Max and XR, and it will be even harder to take when the newer phones release later this year. Some of Apple’s Android-based rivals are now boasting quick-charging features which allow you to top-up a large percentage of your battery in a matter of minutes, whereas the standard 5W charger you get with the iPhone takes an age to fully replenish its battery. Assuming the 2019 iPhone models have larger capacity batteries, this wait will be even harder to take.

Of course, like all rumours, this might not come to pass and Apple may well switch to USB-C with its 2019 phones. However, it will be equally mindful of the fact that millions of people out there use the Lightning connection to charge their phones and switching to a new standard isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Source: The Independent

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