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Zeptopad is an application for anyone that has found themselves on a train, bus, or grassy knoll in the Yorkshire Moors with an urge to expand on an idea but no pen and paper to hand.

The app allows you to draw freehand sketches, write text using the iPhone’s keyboard or import photos and pictures from your photo library. All of these items can be pieced together and manipulated into your mind mapped idea.

At the top of the interface a small pencil icon and square icon represent draw and select modes respectively. While in draw mode, whenever you touch the screen with a single finger, you will draw a line. The pencil icon allows the selection of four different sizes and there’s 20 different colours to choose from.

Often the iPhone’s touch screen doesn’t lend itself too well to drawing applications as you can’t imitate the accuracy of a pen with a clumsy fingertip. However Zeptopad’s ability to zoom right it on a document makes it more workable.

In select mode, you can use a drag box (much like the desktop on a PC or Mac) to select an item – be it a picture, text or photo – on the current document. Zeptopad cleverly guesses which item you’re trying to select, so if the box you’ve made is slightly out of place on your target item, the app will center it on right one.

Once an item is selected you can hold one finger in the centre and then use the other to rotate, expend, contract or move it. The iPhone hardware the 3G model we used to test Zeptopad sometimes struggled to keep up so you may have to be patient while making adjustments.

You can zoom in and out to focus on specific areas of your document in the usual iPhone fashion. Pressing two fingers at the time and then moving them in tandem allows you navigate to different areas without initiating the zoom function. An ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ button make it easy to correct any accidental pen strokes will navigating.

Using Zeptopad is a little tricky at first as there is a lot of zooming, selecting, expanding and drawing and all actions use very similar motions. When you get used to it though, it’s a fun application that makes a fair fist of mind mapping on a small touch screen.

Zeptopad info

Ease of use: [[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”thumbnail_60x60″,”fid”:”21624″,”attributes”:{“alt”:””,”class”:”media-image”,”height”:”60″,”width”:”60″}}]]
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Platform: iPhone/iPod touch

Price: Free

Developer: Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc

Website/Demo: Zeptopad website

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