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WunderRadio has been available on the iPhone and Blackberry before, but is now available for Pocket PC. You can of course use your normal browser to listen to internet radio, but this app makes the whole process much easier and encourages you to browse for ever more exotic sounds from around the world.

It works best with a broadband connection via Wi-Fi of course, but we also tried it with the HSDPA 3G connection on our HTC Touch Pro2, and found it to be a bit of a hit and miss affair – sometimes it played fine, other times it was plagued by dropouts.

With a broadband via Wi-Fi connection however, it proved to be impressively robust. WunderRadio promises over 36,000 radio stations, though you can access even more if you know the relevant URL.

It opens with a browsing menu, offering the ability to search through categories of weather, sports, talk, music, world music, country (that’s as in location, not yeehaw!), local radio with the help of GPS, or simply by popularity.

Each station listing offers a choice of streaming options – 3G or the bit rate for broadband streaming (eg 128kbps). Connecting to your station and setting up the audio buffering generally takes a few seconds

Given the sheer scale of the amount of radio that’s available over the internet, it’s useful that many of the menus have nice, chunky scroll bars at the side, which helps immensely when skimming through the lengthy lists.

You can also search for stations by name or keyword, and there’s a favourites menu so you can ringfence the stations you like best. Unfortunately however, there’s no option to manage your favourites into sub menus.

Many of the stations (though certainly not all) have some additional content information listed next to their name, which helps when choosing unfamiliar stations. Another useful function is that once you’ve made a selection, WunderRadio also suggests some similar alternatives that you can peruse at your leisure.

We tried all the national BBC stations and various others around the UK, as well as many others abroad. We had trouble connecting to a couple of overseas sites, and a few seemed to have more issues with dropouts than others, but for the most part they all worked fine. There were some occasional rebuffering breaks though that probably had more to do with our Wi-Fi connection than with the app itself.

WunderRadio is one of those apps that just works, offering you a gateway to internet radio on the move that’s easy, well-specified and efficient – what more do you need?

WunderRadio info

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Platform: Windows Mobile


Developer: Weather Underground Inc

Website/Demo: WunderRadio website

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