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If you travel a lot, then WorldMate Live is an essential tool for your BlackBerry. Instead of getting information from what can often seem like a hundred different web sites, WorldMate brings it all together into one (relatively) simple application.

Once you’ve signed up with the WorldMate site you can forward all your travel itinerary details to an email address (like e-tickets and hotel confirmations), and the resulting itinerary can be accessed from your phone wherever you are.

You can also use the WorldMate site to build itineraries that can’t be constructed from emails – as well as adding in meetings. There’s a built-in hotel booking tool on the BlackBerry application, which uses the Hotels.com service. Itineraries are also posted into your BlackBerry calendar, and if you’re using a BES-connected BlackBerry they’ll then appear in Outlook or Notes.

Where WorldMate comes in most useful is as a pocket currency conversion tool. You can quickly convert between pounds, dollars and euros, as well as many other global currencies. Rates are updated daily, though you can quickly download the latest rates if you want. Other options include a world clock, with up to five different cities, along with a day/night map. There’s also a set of world weather tools, so you’ll know if it’s grey in LA.

To get the most out of WorldMate you’ll need a Gold subscription – which comes in at a hefty $14.95 a month or $99.95 a year. This is really for the frequent flyer, as it adds flight alerts (for delays and cancellations), as well as tools to help you rebook alternative flights. There’s also access to a massive database of airline schedules.

WorldMate Live doesn’t disable links to Gold content – it just flashes up an advert for it everytime you access them, even if it’s just an accident. Together with the large “Go Gold” button on the front screen, the regular attempts to up sell can be more than a little annoying if you only want to use it for the currency conversion and world weather features.

WorldMate’s been around a long time now, and the latest versions are a big change from the original copies. Some old familiar features are missing – so you can’t use it to convert between shoe and clothes sizes anymore – and the new itinerary tools compete with web services like Tripit. It’s still useful, but the missing pieces leave a big hole.

WorldMate Live info

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Platform: BlackBerry

Price: Free

Developer: WorldMate

Website/Demo: WorldMate website

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