World Exclusive: iPad 2 video review


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Apple is poised to announce the new iPad 2 this evening, but if you can’t wait any longer then you might want to check out this leaked video of the first ever iPad 2 video review.

The device, which is larger than many expected, looks every bit the winner.

Apple has clearly gone for the ‘bigger is definitely better’ slant with the new iPad – and who can blame them, this sucker looks immense.

Obviously, the grandiose size will limit the demographic of people able to use the new Apple tablet – sorry old folks, but this thing looks heavy.

Young children are probably a no-go as well, as we’re pretty sure that Apple wouldn’t want any small children getting trapped underneath the device after a particularly frantic Angry Birds session.

Other than that, everything appears to be as it should – decent screen, works on your lap and it’s sort of portable.

In other news, online rumblings have suggested that Apple is dropping the name ‘iPad’ in favour or ‘iSlab’ – and after seeing this video we can see why.

NB: This is obviously a joke – just in case you’re a bit sloooooow.

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