We Tested A Bunch of Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Cases


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We like the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact here at Know Your Mobile. It’s a small-screen handset which doesn’t hold back on power, offering those of you who don’t want a phablet the chance to own a powerful, feature-packed device. If you’ve already made a purchase then you’ll no doubt be looking for the right case to keep that gorgeous frosted glass back panel in mint condition, and that’s where we come in. We’ve tested a selection of Xperia Z5 Compact cases to give you the pros and cons and make that buying choice a little easier.

Official Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Style Cover Smart Window Case – £29.99

This is the only official option on the market right now, and takes a leaf out of Samsung’s book with its “window” design. The idea is that the opening on the front flap can display information even when it’s closed, removing the need to open it up. The case has to be paired with the phone via NFC which then downloads a special app to enable the “smart” window feature.


After that point you can see notifications and even take photos with the case shut. This is a well-made design which is worth the additional cost – our only complaint is that the phone doesn’t feel like it’s held tightly enough by the case itself.

FlexiShield Ultra-Thin Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Gel Case – £7.99

The cheapest case in this round-up, the FlexiShield is barely-there gel case which covers the Xperia Z5 Compact tightly but might not prevent much damage in the event of a drop.


Unlike it’s more expensive rivals it acts like a skin which is primarily intended to prevent marks and scratches – the upside of this is that it doesn’t add much bulk to the handset. If you don’t like the fact that most cases make your phone look and feel bigger in the pocket, then this might be a good choice.

Rearth Ringke Fusion Compact Case – £14.99

This case combines a TPU bumper with a hard plastic back panel for maximum protection, yet it doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone. The rubberised surround prevents damage from knocks and drops, while four raised sections on the rear mean you can lay it down on a table without marking the case itself.


Rubber port covers for the 3.5mm headphone socket and charging port also feature, and these prevent dust and fluff from entering. In all honesty, they’re quite fiddly but they can easily be cut off without damaging the case. This is probably the best option in this particular price bracket.

Case-Mate Barely There Case – £14.99

The only solid-plastic case in this round-up, the Barely There option is the latest in a long line of similar products produced by Case-Mate. It snaps onto the back of the Xperia Z5 Compact for a snug fit, and is produced in a scratch-resistant material which is also advertised as being shock-proof. It doesn’t totally surround the edges of the phone – the top and bottom are left clear – but the case is designed in such a way that it protects the corners if you accidentally drop it.


This is a fantastic case which avoids the “rubber grip” issue which impacts a lot of TPU cases (when pulling your phone in and out of your pocket, the case material grips the fabric) but the unit we reviewed has one minor flaw – the built-in buttons which push onto the phone’s volume and camera inputs rattle quite loudly, and some might find this a bit annoying. We certainly did.

Muvit MFX Cover – £9.99

Another TPU case, but one with a subtle difference – the back has a matte finish which drastically improves grip and makes the case feel more like a solid plastic one. The sides offer the usual TPU protection, complete with cut-aways for all the vital ports. It’s a lot slimmer than rival cases of this type and doesn’t bulk up the handset, offering a good balance between safety and style. The finish could be better – Rearth’s offering looks a lot better upon closer inspection – but for the price this is an excellent offering.


Thanks to Ebuyer for supplying the Xperia Z5 Compact used in this feature and Mobile Fun for supplying the cases. 

You can buy ALL of the cases in this article over at Mobile Fun

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