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Quintessentially English things that become popular worldwide are hard to come by. There’s The Beatles, Monty Python and, in more recent years, Wallace & Gromit were inducted to that prestigious list. Wallace & Gromit Adventures is the duo’s latest mobile gaming outing, and certainly their best to date.

It’s a puzzle platformer where you play as Wallace, collecting components to make his trademark cracking contraptions to help you solve each of the 15 levels. They all show up as generic cogs, meaning you just have to collect a certain number of them to make the various gadgets.

These gadgets include pogo sticks, trampolines and springs to help you get to previously unreachable platforms, alongside more context-specific gadgets like a generator to get your fridge working. You can only construct these inventions at certain points in the levels, making Wallace & Gromit more of a platformer with added elements rather than a true head-scratching puzzle game.

As you progress, you’ll get to visit various environments from the Wallace & Gromit universe, from Wallace’s house to the natural roaming grounds of Shaun the Sheep. You get to face up against some of the series’ archenemies too, including feathers McGraw, once again using the cracking contraptions to win out.

While Wallace & Adventures manages to evoke the series’ charms with a carefully written script, delivered in Wallace’s own patter, and bright visuals, the gameplay occasionally verges into frustrating territory. It’s partly because the gadgets, often involving propelling Wallace, don’t really subscribe to a particularly consistent physics engine- and the game doesn’t hold your hand while you’re learning how they do work together either.

This would generally be a good thing, but the generally utilitarian way the inventions are used doesn’t exactly trust you onwards. If you’re willing to set aside a little patience and put a little consideration into your movements, Wallace & Gromit Adventures boasts a lot more interesting features than your average platformer.

Fans of the series will positively lap Wallace & Gromit Adventures up. With gameplay centred around the best parts of the TV series, the characters and the inventions, the game’s more than just the quick tie-in of a popular brand that we might have expected from another publisher. It’s still not a classic, but if you ever bought Wensleydale just to see what Wallace was making all the fuss about, give Wallace & Gromit Adventures a download.

Wallace & Gromit Adventures info


Platform: Java

Category: Puzzle Platformer

Price: £5

Publisher: Studio X

Website/Demo: Studio X’s website


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