VISSLES V84 Review: A Mechanical Keyboard For The Masses…

The VISSLES V84 is a modern, wireless mechanical keyboard with a retro design that ticks quite a lot of boxes. Is it the best option on the market for Mac users right now? Let’s find out…

If you run a Mac and you type a lot, you’ll know that Apple’s keyboard design, while decent enough, leaves quite a lot to be desired. I tend to do around 2000 to 3000 words every day, so I need a keyboard that is both comfortable to use, good on my joints, and fast.

I switched to a mechanical keyboard back in 2018 and since then I haven’t looked back. Mechanical keyboards are more comfortable to use, are far kinder to your joints and fingers, and, once you’ve got the drift of using them, a hell of a lot faster to type on. They also make a wonderful clicky-clack sound that I really enjoy.

My daily driver for the past couple of years has been the Keychron V2, a wireless mech keyboard designed for use with Macs, iPad, and iPhones. It is both wireless and wired. I run mine wired to my iMac. It hasn’t missed a beat in the entire time I have used it. So when VISSLES sent me its V84 to review, I was hesitant to switch out my daily driver.

VISSLES V84 Design

There’s a lot of weird terminology in the mechanical keyboard world. Words that might not make a lot of sense to you – things like switches, for instance, and while you do need to know what these words mean, it isn’t essential for making the switch.

I had no idea what “switches” meant in relation to mechanical keyboards when I first bought one. Did it matter? Not really. I bought the Keychron V2 because it was the most recommended option. I didn’t bother learning about things like switches and Cherry Profile PBT keycaps. And I got along just fine.

But here’s a quick definition of “switches” via VISSLES: Mechanical Keyboard Switches, known as Keyboard Switches, are the mechanisms under the keycaps on a mechanical keyboard. They register every single press of a key. The variety of auditory feedback, tactile feedback, and force to activate the switch define your typing experience.

Simple enough, right? When it comes to size and dimensions, the VISSLES V84 is a 75% size keyboard which means it is a little smaller (25%) than traditional keyboards. The reason for this is simple: it is designed to be portable or not take up much room. It doesn’t have a number pad, for instance, and that saves on real estate.

The VISSLES V84 uses Cherry Profile PBT Keycaps and these are said to be the most robust option on the market. They’re also great at resisting grease and other muck. Having hard-wearing keys is important, though, especially if you plan on traveling with the VISSLES V84 in your bag or satchel.

Visually, the VISSLES V84 is a handsome setup. It has a nice heft to it too, as all mechanical keyboards do. The keys are white and the chassis of the keyboard itself is black. Black and white is a classic combo, and here it looks smart and professional. Like most mech keyboards, the VISSLES V84 also comes with programmable RGB lights as well.

Typing Comfort & Connectivity

When the VISSLES V84 is sat on your desk, it has a slight rise at the back to make typing more comfortable. VISSLES also includes a hand rest in the box too. I didn’t use mine. But it is there if you want it.

As for the angle, I found it comfortable enough for me. I also use a standing desk too, so my typing angle may differ from yours if you sit down to work. The slight raise does make typing on lap a lot more comfortable too, so if that’s something you do a lot of, this is a great option.


With connectivity, you can run the VISSLES V84 wired to your Mac (this is what I do, as I don’t like messing around with batteries). But the VISSLES V84 also runs on Bluetooth, so you can connect it to up to five devices at a time – your iMac, Mac, iPhone, and iPad, for instance. And you can run these connections simultaneously.

With respect to connectivity, everything is as it should be. You have a decent wired option via USB Type C and support for five constant Bluetooth connections. And there is zero lag over Bluetooth too. I swapped from my iMac to my iPad to my iPhone, and it all worked seamlessly, making this a great keyboard option for working on the move.

Does VISSLES V84 Work on Mac & PC?

The VISSLES V84 mechanical keyboard is designed for Mac; it has Mac keys in all the usual areas. You can use it with Windows, though, too, and there is even a VISSLES app for Windows that isn’t available for Mac.

With the VISSLES app, you can customize the lighting and do things like macro-recording. You cannot do either of these things on Mac, so while the VISSLES V84 is designed for Mac, ironically, it actually works best and gives you the most features when paired with Windows. Go figure!

VISSLES V84 vs Keychron V2 – Which is Best?

Would I swap my Keychron V2 for the VISSLES V84? No. But the reason for this isn’t that the VISSLES V84 isn’t as good as the Keychron V2, it is because I am just so used to the Keychron V2 that switching to another keyboard means I have to relearn stuff and I lose speed.

The Keychron V2 is cheaper, however, so that is worth noting.

Had I used the VISSLES V84 first, I’d most likely be saying the same thing. It’s a bit like playing the guitar. Once you get used to how a certain neck plays, switching to another model – even if it is better – tends to have a negative effect on your speed and accuracy. I do really like the VISSLES V84 keyboard, though – it is comfortable and superbly well built.

Wrapping Up – Is The VISSLES V84 Worth It?

I have ZERO issues recommending this $99 mechanical keyboard to anyone that is looking for a well-built, well-connected wireless mechanical keyboard for their Mac and/or Windows machines. As a side bonus, the VISSLES V84 works great with iOS too, so it is a perfect match for your iPad and/or iPhone.

Is the VISSLES V84 worth it? I’d argue, yes. You get a well-designed, fast keyboard that is built to last. VISSLES says it is good for 60 million keystrokes. It is also packed with connectivity and it works great across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad.

The VISSLES V84 is also comfortable to type and the keys don’t have quite as much travel as the Keychron V2, so it is definitely a better overall beginner’s option as the switch from a flat keyboard to it won’t be quite as dramatic, whereas switching to the Keychron V2 presents quite a learning curve.


VISSLES V84 Mech Keyboard For Mac & iOS


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