Video: MeeGo OS preview


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A video showing Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo OS being demoed on a TI OMAP 4 development system has surfaced online.

We’ve been quite excited about the prospect of MeeGo since we first got wind of the joint venture between Nokia and Intel, but from the look of the OS being demoed on the video, it really isn’t looking that exciting a prospect now!

We know it’s only a demo and there’s no UI proper on it in the video, but we were still slightly underwhelmed by the whole thing.

That said, the screen-shots (top right) do look a lot better, which is more what the finished product should look like once it’s done – at least, we hope it will!

Either way, it’s definitely worth a look, especially if you’re remotely interested in MeeGo.

Here’s the video:

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