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We’ve all been in the same situation- where you’re trying to figure out what restaurant to hit, racking your brains for the ones that are in the area and that you’re in the mood for. You decide to try something new, but then everyone is too polite to make the decision on exactly where to go. This, fellow food lovers, is where Urbanspoon comes in.

When you fire it up, Urbanspoon uses GPS to home in on your location, populating the first of three scroll wheels – your keys to culinary happiness – with nearby areas, listed alphabetically. For example, in London the city’s boroughs are listed on this scroll wheel.

The next scroll wheel denotes types of food, be it French, Chinese, Bistro or Buffet. The third and final scroll wheel is for the cost. The cost bracket of the restaurant is relayed using between one and four ‘£’ symbols- suffice to say, four pound signs means it’s pretty pricey.

Every time you shake your iPhone, it starts spinning the scroll wheels like a Vegas slot machine, selecting a random restaurant near you, thereby offering a solution to any debate about which restaurant to go to. You can even lock each wheel individually and just spin the other two if someone decides to chirp up and start being fussy.

The cool random hit shake feature is not the only selection method though. You can also load up a list of restaurants in the vicinity using the ‘near me’ option. Thirdly, there’s also a search feature that fills in potential matches by filtering them down as you punch in more letters. This is especially useful if you can only remember one word, or the first few letters, of a restaurants name.

Whichever method you use, once you’ve found your match Urbanspoon will give you the lowdown on it. You can vote either ‘like’ or ‘didn’t like’, after which you’re presented with a percentage score that the restaurant has achieved from Urbanspoon users.

We wouldn’t recommend paying too much heed to average scores as everyone loves to be a critic, but if someone has a particularly high number then you should be in for a decent meal. You can even view photos of the menu or upload one if there isn’t one present.

Urban is an awesome way to navigate the awkward and occasionally hellish world of restaurant selection, and yet another great free iPhone application.


Urbanspoon Info

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Platform: Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Version of app: 1.1

Price: Free

Developer: Urbanspoon

Website/Demo: Urbanspoon’s website

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