UK Driving Theory Test review


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Learning to drive on today’s roads is a truly hair-raising experience. Not only do novice drivers have to contend with increased amounts of traffic, unsympathetic boy racers and a wide and confusing selection of speed calming measures and obstacles, they also have to deal with the fact that the test has apparently never been harder to pass than it is now.

And that’s not even touching upon the now compulsory “theory” examination, which puts your driving knowledge under the spotlight before you even step into a car with the examiner.

For those of you that passed your test years ago, the theory test involves multiple choice questions relating to various elements of road safety and is designed to test your general knowledge of the Highway Code.

There are countless books and DVDs available which feature the entire selection of possible questions, but neither of these options is as easy to use as this Android application. All of the possible questions are separated out into their respective categories, which relate to different aspects of road safety. For example, there are entire sections devoted to hazard awareness, vulnerable road users and traffic signals.

You can choose to tackle a certain number of questions from each category to brush up on your knowledge. Each section has about 60-90 questions, and you can select to do anything from 5 to the maximum amount available. All of the questions are taken from the actual test itself, so you won’t get any shocks on the actual day.

Each category even has a percentage marker to show how many of the possible questions you’ve answered correctly. If you don’t have 100% on all of them, then it means there are questions you’ve not tried which could potentially appear in your actual test.

Learning all of the possible questions is just one part of the app’s functionality, however. Mock tests are also offered, and these can be taken once you feel you’ve committed every question to memory. Because the margin for error is so slight (you’re only able to get a couple of questions wrong in the real test before you fail) it’s a good idea to repeatedly take mock exams until your score is consistently in the pass zone.

When you consider the price of this app – and how easily it is to use – it’s hard to see why anyone would choose an expensive book or DVD over it. Because it’s on your phone you can even brush up on your knowledge on the way to the test centre, or in bed, or (dare we say it) on the toilet. It’s the perfect way to revise.

The only shortcoming we can see is that the video part of the exam – which involves spotting hazards in pre-recorded situations – isn’t covered, although the same fault could be directed at Theory test books, as well.

Although you’re unlikely to return to the app once you’ve passed your theory test – and by that point it’s not really worth keeping on your phone – it’s unquestionably the best way to get yourself to that point.

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