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The TVGuide.co.uk TV Guide application mimics the EPG – electronic programme guide – that many of us use on our digital set-top boxes to find out what is on the telly.

It’s very useful for anyone looking to plan an evening’s viewing. Listings are presented for all UK channels, displaying the current programme and the following two programmes. Individual channels can then be selected to reveal programme synopses and the itinerary for the rest of the day/night. You can also check out the next day’s schedule. This all means that TVGuide.co.uk TV Guide is ideal for checking what’s on when you’re not near the TV.

It’s a particularly simple concept- offering a mobile version of something most people will have at home already. The TV Guide has a comprehensive list of channels to view, including all the various digital packages offered in the UK.

It is very easy to use, especially as the huge list of channels can be filtered down using special categories such as ‘Sky channels’, ‘HD channels’, ‘Terrestrial’, or ‘Popular’. There is also a variant of this feature that allows you to store customised lists of your favourite channels, filtering out the ones that you don’t want to look at.

However, there are a few fixable problems with this app that let it down. Firstly, there isn’t an option to alter which screen the app loads up to, so you’re always greeted with the now and next listings.

We were also particularly disappointed that it has not made use of the iPhone’s accelerometer functionality – you can’t view it in landscape mode, it just stays upright. This seems a glaring omission as the majority of us are used to viewing our television listings in a landscape format.

We also thought that the guide could have developed some kind of integration with the iPhone’s calendar function. Specifically, it would be great to be able to set yourself programme reminders, which would then appear on your iPhone calendar. Lacking this option, it only acts a display guide. This means that its usefulness is minimal if you are at home, or have a newspaper/magazine to hand.

TVguide.co.uk is free to download. For this reason it is probably worth getting. However, it doesn’t make much use of the iPhone’s strengths.

TVGuide.co.uk TV Guide info

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Platform: Apple iPhone

Price: Free

Developer: TVGuide.co.uk

Website/Demo: TVGuide.co.uk website

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