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Hasbro’s Transformers brand has a special place in the hearts of many 30-something males; back in the ‘80s the TV series (and resultant animated movie) qualified as essential viewing and a boy’s status in the school playground proportional to the magnitude of his Transformers toy collection.

Thanks to Michael Bay’s recent live-action Hollywood movies, this most excellent of franchises is enjoying a new lease of life and this renewed popularity has resulted in the Transformers Sounds & Ringtones application.

Like so many of the other soundboard apps available on the Android Marketplace, this program is essentially a collection of audio clips which can be played back at will; the clips here have been lifted from the aforementioned 1987 movie adaptation.

The sounds are divided into two categories – Autobots (for those unfamiliar with the series, they’re the good guys) and Deceptions (the baddies).

If you’re a fan, then you’ll definitely find several memorable quotes here; Optimus Prime’s order to ‘transform and roll out’ being a particular favourite, alongside the classic ‘transformation’ sound. This is the kind of application that, when revealed amongst like-minded friends, is likely to elicit plenty of rose-tinted nostalgia and more than a few envious comments.

However, the functionality doesn’t end there; natural human nature tells us that as soon as someone hears a cool sound snippet, they’ll want to assign it as a mildly-annoying text message alert. For better or for worse, this application comes with such an option built-in.

Holding down a finger on the desired sound fires up a sub-menu which allows you to add that particular audio to your Android phone’s internal system, so when you open up the Sounds & Display settings menu using the Android OS, you’ll see the new audio clip listed as one of the available options.

While the ability to have the likes of Orson Welles, Judd Nelson and Leonard Nimoy (all of which lent their unique vocal talents to the 1987 movie) is certainly very cool, it has to be pointed out that the quality of the actual audio is less than impressive. Because this is a wholly unlicensed application the clips have merely been lifted directly from the movie soundtrack and as a result feature background music which sounds curiously out of place.

It also has be remembered that such applications are essentially novelty items with little in the way of long-lasting usefulness; once the appeal of skipping through the movie dialogue has worn off then it’s unlikely you’ll bother to return, and the generally rough nature of the clips themselves will ensure that you’ll soon be back to using your default Android sounds as message notifications.

Hardcore fans might disagree with the above points but we highly suspect that if you’re a big Transformers aficionado then you’ll probably have the majority of this sounds on your phone already, making this a pretty superfluous download.

Transformers Sounds & Ringtones info

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Platform: Android

Price: Free

Developer: Soundroid 2012

Website/Demo: Soundroid 2012 website

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