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Being caught in a traffic jam is rarely enjoyable. The hot, stuffy interior of a motor vehicle – combined with the possibility of boring surroundings and annoying passengers – makes for a particularly unpleasant experience and one that is all too common on today’s busy roads.

There are ways of avoiding such occurrences, of course – satellite navigation devices will often give you forewarning and many car stereos will automatically tune into vital traffic reports, but Steve Gurr’s Traffic Info app aims to offer an even more elegant method of avoiding those traffic-jam blues.

This simple program displays all current traffic incidents on Britain’s major thoroughfares and motorways. It pulls all of the this information direct from the UK Highways Agency, which means it’s about as accurate as you can possibly get with this kind of thing.

For ease of use, each event is displayed on a list with the name of the road first, followed by the county it has occurred in. This format allows you to quickly identify potential problems on any route you may be planning.

Obviously not every accident or road issue results in a cataclysmic delay, so it pays to know a little more information about what’s afoot. Thankfully, clicking an event brings up a separate screen which shows more data regarding the problem.

This includes a brief summary, along with a category (heavy traffic, accident, broken down vehicle, vehicle recovery, etc) which gives you a fair indication of how serious the delay is likely to be. The time that the problem was first reported is also displayed, and if the situation is back to normal it will be flagged as ‘clear’.

That’s about as far as this application goes; other than a button to refresh the list, there are no other options. You don’t even have the ability to filter the list of incidents to only include those close to your current location.

Also, a little more detail certainly wouldn’t have gone amiss – some kind of integration with the iPhone’s pre-installed maps application to flag up affected routes would have been indispensable – but then again, this is a free download and expecting such complexity is probably being a little optimistic.

Indeed, it could be argued that the simplicity of Traffic Info is what makes it so effective; you’re not likely to get bogged down with endless menus or irrelevant statistics.

True, there are other more feature-packed traffic applications available on the iPhone, but considering that this comes completely free of charge, it’s definitely worth considering as a potential download. It just might save your next road drip from the ignominy of a bumper-to-bumper tailback.

Traffic Info

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Platform: Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: Free

Developer: Steve Gurr

Website/Demo: N/A

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