The VERY Best Apple Watch Apps Thus Far


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It’s been three years since Apple unveiled the Apple Watch. In that time, Apple’s smartwatch has come to dominate the market. And the company is now on its third-generation Apple Watch, with the fourth likely due out in September.

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes in two models: one features GPS and the other features GPS + Cellular. The Series 3 is a big leap forward for the device considering it now offers LTE support in one model. That means the Appl Watch can now offer data to its apps even if it’s not paired with your iPhone. This has lead to a whole new breed (and usefulness) of apps.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this growing list of the best and most promising Apple Watch apps on the market. Oh, and remember: to download an Apple Watch app simply download its iOS app and you’ll be able to install the Watch portion of the app right from your iPhone. Here’s our top Watch app picks so far–some are useful, some are just zany fun. But all are awesome.

A Tiny Game of Pong (£1.99)


Brilliant simple game. The app’s description describes it best: A Tiny Game of Pong brings the classic ‘70s game to your Apple Watch. Compete with friends for high scores in endless arcade mode, or try to beat your opponent in a classic, first to three, match. Featuring: responsive Digital Crown controls, two unique game modes, Game Center integration, and ten custom theme colors; A Tiny Game of Pong is sure to bring back a little nostalgia to your heart.

Dark Sky Weather (£3.99)


Dark Sky is one of the coolest weather apps I’ve ever seen. That’s because it uses your GPS location to give you hyper-accurate forecasts for the next hour out. It can tell you exactly when it will begin to rain or snow, offering minute-by-minute forecasts so you know if you have enough time to walk the dog or get that jog in before it starts pouring.

iTranslate Converse (free)


We’ve written about iTranslate’s apps before. This new one allows you to have real-time conversations with someone who speaks another language. The UI of the app is brilliantly simple: tap and hold a button to talk and your words get translated on screen. When you are done talking, the other use taps a button on the other side of your screen to talk and their words are translated.

Just Press Record (£4.99)


This simple app allows you to take voice memos on the go. Simply tap the record button, speak your voice memo, and it gets saved as an audio file on your Apple Watch and synced across all your iCloud devices.

ViewRanger (free)


This app helps you traverse off the beaten path. It allows you to download nearby hiking routes right onto your Apple Watch so you can track your explorations on your wrist. It’s a terrific app for hikers.

Shazam (free)


Everyone is familiar with this brilliant app (now owned by Apple). It grew to fame by letting you hold your smartphone up to music that is playing and then have the app identify it. It’s the same premise with the Apple Watch app, although with a much more diminutive interface.

Citymapper (free)


The world’s best public transport app has landed on the Apple Watch where, according to Apple, “it provides step-by-step instructions for catching the nearest bus or train, and lists the next three arrivals so you can choose exactly when to leave. It also delivers a gentle tap to let you know when you’ve reached your stop.”

Evernote (free)


Evernote is used by millions of people to take notes and get things done. The Watch version of the app allows you to dictate a quick note, view recent notes, set reminders, find notes made near you, and see content related to an upcoming meeting.



This is for the football fans out there. Onefootball’s Watch app enables users to view kick-off times, live scores, match progresses and a list of match highlights for the day’s game.



The powerful task manager comes to the Watch. With the Things app you can go through your to do lists and make off what you have achieved and save the rest for later. You can also track your progress towards daily goals.

Instagram (free)


The world’s second-largest social networking site is now on the Watch. With Instagram you can browse your photo feed, favorite photos, and leave emoji comments as well as get interactive notifications on comments and new images.

Twitter (free)


Not to be outdone, the world’s third-most popular social networking site is also on Apple Watch. Similar in function to Instagram, the Twitter Apple Watch app allows you to browse your feed, retweet and favorite tweets, and even compose new tweets using the Watch’s built-in dictation capabilities.

EasyJet (free)


EasyJet brings some usefulness to its app. Now when you’re at the airport you can simple glance at your wrist to see a live countdown timer to your departure. The app also gives you flight status updates, weather forecasts, and foreign exchange rates.

Yahoo Weather (free)


Yahoo’s award-winning iPhone weather app comes to the Apple Watch. Not he watch you can see current weather and forecasts, sunrise and sunset times, wind speeds, and more.

Yelp (free)


Point-of-interest powerhouse Yelp has brought its app to the Apple Watch. With it you can quickly view local restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and more and get their star rating, review count, hours of operation and distance from your current location.



Invoice2go’s Apple Watch app is something freelancers and contractors are sure to love. With a tap you can begin tracking your time for a current job. Or you can even set up geofences so the app can automatically start tracking and billing for your time when you arrive or leave a certain location.



The popular run-tracker comes to the Apple Watch, giving you all your most important stats at the glance of your wrist. See your speed, distance, duration, pace, and calories burned as well as tell the app when you want to start and finish tracking your runs.

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