The BIGGEST Pixel 3 XL Leak Yet! Camera Samples, Notch, Design REVEALED


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The Pixel 3 XL has leaked big style from multiple sources.

The new leak details the Pixel 3 in FULL – meaning, we see the phone and also get a look at some camera samples.

These phones will be Google’s third attempt at creating its own, viable iPhone alternative for the Android space.

The Pixel 2 XL was not without its problems, but that didn’t stop Google selling quite a few of them.

The Big G has also invested heavily in camera technology during the past three years, and this has earned its Pixel phones a very solid reputation in the phone space.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have a lot of competition. But with market-leading cameras and instant updates as soon as they’re available Google now has quite a few USPs for its Pixel phones.

As expected, the images captured by the Pixel 3 are VERY impressive.

Google’s previous two generations of Pixel phones have been very impressive indeed. And it looks like the third-generation Pixel 3 will be just as good.


The Pixel 3 XL has leaked massively in recent weeks (see below in this article), mostly via Russian bloggers who’ve somehow managed to get hold of the handset en masse. However, we haven’t seen much of the regular size Pixel 3, or indeed the alleged third Pixel phone which may or may not be arriving alongside, depending on who you believe.

That changes now though, or at least half of it does, with the leak of a set of photos showing the regular size Pixel 3 (still nothing on the alleged third, potentially cheaper model). This all comes via a tipster posting to Reddit.


The leak shows the handset has a tall screen profile on what appears to be a 5.5in diagonal, lining up with earlier rumours. There’s no display notch, and the front-facing camera array is a dual-lens affair while the rear is a single-sensor setup. Overall it’s very similar to the Pixel 3 XL, and indeed the Pixel 2 series, with a dual-tone aluminium and glass back panel, all of which is rather unsurprising at this point.


Screenshots bundled in with the leak seem to indicate we’re looking at 8MP camera ratings with f/1.8 apertures, while the screen seems to have an 18:9 aspect ratio and a Full HD+ resolution at 440ppi. The battery appears to be 3,000mAh.

From the Pixel 3 XL leaks it seems certain the Pixel 3 will also ship with a pair of second-gen Pixel Buds earphones.

Yet MORE Pixel 3 Camera LEAKAGE

It seems like a big Pixel 3 leak is occuring every day out of Russia, but the latest comes via 9To5Google and goes into great detail about the camera capabilities, including features we’ve not seen tipped before.

According to the publication’s report, it has heard from anonymous sources that the Pixel 3 series has an “updated visual core” and can take what are described as “Super Selfies”.

That Super Selfies feature isn’t just a name conjured up by the lekasters either, that’s apparently what Google actually calls the feaure aboard the Pixel 3. Unfortunatley the leak doesn’t reveal what these Super Selfies actually do, but it’s believed the dual-sensor front-facing camera will have a lot to do with it, we’re probably looking at some kind of advanced Portrait Mode-like capability, but one which is both hardware and software driven rather than purely software effects based.

We do, however, know that the phone’s selfies will feature face retouching capabilities and will have “Natural” and “Soft” options, as well as zoom features from the second lens. One lens is also wide-angle for group selfies or to get more of the environment in on your holiday snaps.

The report adds he rear camera will use a new 12.2MP sensor, with Google apparently “doubling down on making a single camera powerful enough to not need a second camera.” It’s said the quality of images from this setup is “incredible”, particularly in low light. The updated Visual Core will reportedly “offer more than just HDR+”

Another Day, Another Big Batch Of Pixel 3 XL Leaks From Russia!

Only a day after the original big Russian Pixel 3 XL leaks, another big wave of them has emerged on the internet. This time via Russian site Mobile-Review where we have images of the handset, including a contrasting power key on the white model. We also see the box and packaging, screenshots of the Settings menus (which confirm a 64GB storage/4GB RAM model), screengrabs of the camera UI, a 12MP rating confirmed for the primary camera and 8MP for the secondary, and a bunch of camera samples.


The leakster also noted the OLED display is mostly on par with the iPhone X, but is not as good at outdoor readability in sunlight as some rivals, notably Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9.





The source tips pricing at $750 for the Pixel 3 XL and $650 for the Pixel 3, both will have Pixel Buds included (RRP $150).


In an interesting twist, he also adds that Google is apparently working on another five more devices right now, with one of them being a flexible phone planned for 2020. The other four are a mystery.



Pixel 3 XL Leaks In WHITE

Russian language website Rozetked dropped a set of hands-on images, including the box contents, the notched display, and the rear panel.



Indeed, the handset is shown off from pretty much every angle, and it’s wearing an attractive white finish too, providing a nice change from many earlier leaks. As with the previous Pixel phones it has a black fascia regardless of the back panel and edging colour.




The box seems to include a charging/data cable, power plug, multiple adaptors, a set of Pixel Bud headphones, and possibly a case.


Rozetked was able to confirm most of the previously leaked specs, including a Snapdragon 845 chip, a notched 2960 × 1440 display, a USB Type-C port, and a camera which they say is amazing.

Pixel 3 XL Camera Samples On Instagram

On Instagram, an account under the usernam KHoroshev has been taking numerous snaps on the Pixel 3 XL showing the image quality.


Pixel 3 XL Showcased On Twitter

Meanwhile, another Russian source, this time on Twitter, showcased a second batch of hands-on snaps. These also show a white handset which matches up with the above leak in every respect.


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