The Best Selfie Stick: Meet The ReTrak!


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Do you use a selfie stick? Millions of people do, and while I’ve never understood the trend, these contraptions are still one of the biggest selling products on the planet right now.

So, in the spirit of consumer-facing technology journalism, I decided to do some research on what the best selfie stick on the market is right now.

There are A LOT of options out there. Options that range in price from a couple of quid right up to hundreds of pounds.

I know – I has no idea they could that much, either!

Selfie sticks, in case you somehow haven’t heard of them, are basically phone-mounts on a stick that let you take pictures with yourself in them. They’re popular with tourists and you’ll likely have seen people using them at concerts, around landmarks and at sporting events.

Nico Rosberg really likes them, for instance. As does Nicole Scherzinger. 


But what is the best selfie stick on the market right now?

After a couple of hours looking around online and reading reviews, I had a few favourites but the one that seemed to have the most praise heaped on it consistently was the ReTrak.


Why? Simple: the ReTrak has a bunch of useful features that make it great for capturing yourself in images.

The ReTrak is built from aircraft-grade aluminium, so it’s sturdy as hell. It’s also compatible with GoPro, tablets and smartphones of all shapes and sizes.

What You Get In The Box

  • Aluminum twist-locking pole
  • 1/4″ digital camera mount
  • Padded phone holder
  • Padded tablet holder
  • Mini tripod stand
  • Selfie light unit and charge cable
  • Bluetooth shutter and zoom remote
  • Wide angle/macro smartphone lens, fish-eye lens, clip


Beyond this the ReTrak features a Bluetooth remote for easy, hands-free shutter activation and, if that wasn’t enough, it also ships with a dedicated fisheye lens and lighting unit, so you’re shots, whether in good light or bad, will always look great.

As kits go, you get a hell of a lot of extras with this ReTrak selfie stick kit – way more than anything else I’ve seen online.


The premium build materials and added, bonus features like the fisheye lens and LED lighting rig are great, welcome additions and put ReTrak way ahead of the competition with respect to overall usability and value for money.

Basically, if you’re thinking of getting a selfie stick this is the one you should be buying. It costs $49.99 from Best Buy and nothing else really comes close!

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