The Best Affordable 3D Printers You Can Buy Right Now


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3D printing isn’t anything new. It’s been going on on an industrial scale for a few decades now. But starting a few years ago, 3D printing left the purview of industry and came to the masses thanks to advances in engineering and the components used to make smaller, more affordable 3D printers.

Nowadays there is a host of consumer 3D printer options out there ranging from units that cost thousands down to some that only cost a few hundred. If you’ve been thinking about getting a 3D printer, there’s never been a better time to buy than now. Here are some of our favorite 3D printers on the market right now.

Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer


Flashforge is making a name for itself for high-end and moderately priced 3D printers. The Dreamer 3D printer is one of its newest and is packed with an insane amount of features. It features dual extruders, a heated bed, and an active cooling system. All that is running on an ARM Contex-M4 CPU processor and it features an easy interface thanks to its 3.5in IPS touchscreen. Grab the Flashforge on Amazon for £700.62.

Geeetech E180 Mini 3D


Geeetech’s E180 Mini looks like the 3D printer Apple would have designed. It’s got a great white sheet metal chassis and features break-resuming capabilities so you can continue with your 3D printing at a later date. Its modularized design also allows you to change the hot end which is in slide connection with the cold end. And with a big, beautiful 3.2in color touchscreen, the Geeetech E180 Mini 3D is easier than most to operate. Pick one up on Amazon for just £229.00.

XYZ Printing da Vinci mini


There are a few 3D printers by XYZ on this list too. The first is the da Vinci mini. A purely cosmetic reason we love this printer is because of its stunning all-in-one design, which requires no assembly. The orange body is a nice splash of color in an industry where most 3D printers look too industrial. The da Vinci Mini, its creators point out, streamlines its printing function through a single-button print design as well as providing different colored LEDs to indicate printing conditions. Plus it comes with free CAD software so you’ll have all you need to get started. Buy it on Amazon for only £264.12.

XYZ Printing da Vinci miniMaker


Have a kid interested in 3D printing? Grab the XYZ da Vinci miniMaker. Yes, it looks like it was made by PlaySchool, but your little ones will love it. The miniMaker can print right out of the box and its makers point out that it prints with XYZprinting filaments only, so there is no need to adjust the material setting. As with other XYZ printers you get free CAD software so you’ll have all you need to get started. Grab it on Amazon for just £148.00.

Flashforge 3D Printer Finder Single Extruder Printer


The Flashforge 3D is the most expensive printer on our list, but it’s also the best looking. Its red Star Trek-is body has no visible wires or heat plate, making it one of the most approachable 3D printers on the market. It’s also got an assisted leveling feature and a filament run-out reminder, plus it features a 3.5in touchscreen panel, which makes controlling the printer a snap. That touchscreen also provides instant previews of 3D model files. Grab the Flashforge on Amazon for £398.00.

QIDI TECHNOLOGY Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer


Only slightly cheaper than the Flashforge is the QIDI. Like the former, it’s got an enclosed space where all the moving parts and 3D printing is contained in. QIDI boasts that this printer is the most precise and dependable 3d printer and from the reviews, people seem to agree. It also features a new high heat-resistant metal platform and an aviation-level aluminum plate the company says is completely flat and will not warp during the heating process. The QIDI is available now on Amazon for £219.00.

Wanhao i3 V2 Duplicator 3D-Printer


The Wanhao is the first 3D printer on this list that gets down into the really affordable range. It doesn’t feature an enclosed workspace, but it more than makes up for that with other features. The Wanhao i3 comes with a heated build plate, an SD card reader, and an LCD screen. It also sports a brand new MK10 extruder, which means that you are free to use almost any filament you like: PLA, ABS, or PETG. Pick one up on Amazon for £322.00.

Monoprice 124166 Select Mini 3D Printer


An even more cost-effective 3D printer is the Monoprice. Yes, it looks a little ad-hoc with its design, but for around £200 it’s not a bad option at all. The Monoprice take any 1.75mm filament type and–best of all–ships fully assembled. That’s right: most other 3D printers you need to put together when you buy them. This could lead to errors or imprecise printing. Not so with the Monoprice. You can grab one on Amazon for only £229.99.

Geeetech Acrylic Prusa I3 Pro


The Geeetech is one of the lowest priced 3D printer on this list, but it’s a great option for those who want to get into 3D printing without spending a lot of money. The printer works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and Geeetech says is so popular it’s used in a wide array of fields including household, education, engineer, medical treatment, and product prototype design. Best of all is that they offer tech support via WhatsApp if you need some extra help getting started! Pick one up now on Amazon for just £159.00.

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