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As nice and kind as sharing may be, when you’ve got something good that you’ve put your stamp on, you really don’t want other people tampering with it, do you? If you blow up that feeling of batting off people trying to get their grubby hands on your good stuff, you’ve pretty much got the blueprint for any tower defence game.

In Star Defence, you’re defending your base from endless waves of S’rath aliens trying to nick planets from your clutches. In each level, you have to place towers on the path that connects their landing ship to your base. A not-so-curious piece of good luck, the dropship lands on the other side of the planet from your base.

If you check out our Top 10 tower defence games list, you’ll see that a good few games of the genre have made a splash on the App Store, but Star Defense has a trump card- it takes place on 3D spheres.

So, you’re actually playing across the whole surface of the planet you’re defending rather than just a small, flat patch. It’s easy to navigate around it though. With your view always focused on the sphere, you can drag around it with your finger. Getting two fingers involved turns the sphere around, while a pinch movement zooms in and out.

Due to the very nature of the planets, this also means that you can’t get an instant look at your whole battlefield, but it becomes part of the rising difficulty curve as your progress. You start off on a relatively dinky planet, against just 20 waves of enemies. Get further into the solar system, populated by seven different spheres, and you’ll find the enemy onslaughts getting tougher and the paths all the more long and intricate.

There are five different towers to place, all of which have different strengths. Some enemies will be resistant to certain types too. Success is based on planning the placement of your towers carefully, and making them work together. Not all the towers are directly offensive either, as there’s also one that slows enemies.

You can upgrade your towers too, but you only gain money by killing enemies, so you can’t just go making all your towers hugely powerful. All these elements are the staples of the tower defence game, and, other than it’s 3D spherical style, Star Defense doesn’t exactly innovate the genre.

However, it’s such a finely honed and tuned game, sucking you in with its undulating level of challenge and blissed-out music, that we stopped caring shortly after recognising that Star Defense’s innovations are only those on show.

With three difficulty levels for each sphere and a challenge mode that’s hard not to get addicted to, Star Defense is a must for any tower defense fan.


Star Defense info



Category: Strategy

Price: £3.49

Publisher: ngmoco

Website/Demo: ngmoco’s website


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