SoundMAGIC E10 review


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Earphones have experienced an exceptional rate of growth during the last 10 years on account of the rise of smartphones and personal MP3 players. People use them everyday during their commute, at work or whilst sweating away at the gym.

The result of this exponential growth is there are now an almost innumerable number of manufacturers making an almost infinite supply of headphones. You couldn’t possibly try them all – there’s simply too many. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff in this respect?

Simple: do some research – journalists and bloggers will always pick up the good headphones. That’s their job, after all. And if you’ve been looking recently you will have no doubt of heard about the SoundMAGIC E10 headphones, which have been receiving plenty of fanfare across a wide range of publications.

We’ve had our E10’s for just over a week now, which is plenty of time to get used to a pair of headphones. Looks wise, the E10’s certainly look the part with their metallic body and two-tone finish. Ours were silver and black, but if you’re after something a little louder you can get the E10’s in the following colour schemes: black and gold, black and red and purple and black.

Thanks to the 3.5 jack socket, the E10’s will pretty much plug into anything and the 1.4-meter cable gives you plenty of freedom without being too long and leading to tangles. There’s also a handy movable clip attached to the cable as well that lets you secure them to your clothes or jacket, which is great for when you’re exercising.

What’s also great is the sound that comes out of these things. After reading some glowingly positive initial reviews our expectations were pretty high, yet the E10’s still managed to impress. Sound quality is brilliantly sharp and bristling with detail so whatever you put through them, be it Mastodon or Wilhelm Richard Wagner, sounds truly alive – just as it should.

But the main draw for the E10’s, besides the truly awesome racket they produce, is the price tag. We literally just can’t get our head around why these things are so cheap. But how cheap is so cheap? Well, it’s pretty cheap: £34.99.

Even more so when you compare the price of the E10’s to some of the competition, such as the Phonak Audéo PFE 012 Earphones (£100), Grado GR10 Earphones (£300+) and, of course, our old favourites, the V-Moda Cross Fades, which pretty much match any of the above on sound quality in our opinion – well, maybe not the Grado GR10s but nothing’s perfect.

Overall we love these headphones. The price is right, the sound is great and the build quality is second-to-none. What more could you want?

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