SOTI Pocket Controller Pro review


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This useful little app allows you to control your Windows Mobile handset from your desktop. ‘So what, I use ActiveSync to explore my Pocket PC’, you might well say. But this app can do much more than simply allow you access to your device.

It’s available for both touchscreen and non-touchscreen Pocket PCs but we tried it using Window Mobile 6.1 Professional (touchscreen) on the HTC Touch Pro2.

Once you’ve loaded the programme and synced your device, you can open a desktop screen that is exactly, that’s exactly, the same as your Pocket PC’s screen and gives you full control. You can view it as a screen only, or download a skin for the programme that’s identical to your device, and adjust your background to feature a colour or a web page, though strangely, not an image.

Any programme that you’ve downloaded on your handheld device can now be operated via your desktop – handy for gaming, but it also gives you extra flexibility when negotiating your business apps.

If you’re used to carrying your office around with you, it’s a relief to be able to work through all the applications and details of your device without having to switch between handheld and desktop modes.

You can take screen grabs from your device or even record video of operations such as gameplay, a Powerpoint demo that you put together while you were on the move, or an illustration of how a particular app works. You can also draw lines and circles on your device to highlight points throughout recording – if you’re involved with teaching employees how to use programmes on their devices, this is an invaluable tool.

Pocket Controller Pro also makes it easy to side load download programmes on to your device – useful for ensuring you have a back-up of the programme on your desktop, in case things go wrong.

You can also view your device’s system operations, manage tasks and there’s an enhanced File Explorer tool that gives you desktop-like scope for managing your files and programmes.

ActiveSync allows you to run through your Windows Mobile menu trees, but with Pocket Controller Pro you can take full advantage of your device’s own user interface, which in our case meant HTC’s TouchFLO 3D, which is a much more pleasant experience. Even the scrolling functions worked in exactly the same way – you ‘touch’ the menus with the mouse, then swipe them up or down to scroll.

This is a terrifically efficient app that works intuitively and easily, the only downside is that it costs.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro info

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Platform: Windows Mobile

Price: £30

Version: 6

Developer: SOTI

Website/Demo: SOTI website

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