Sony Ericsson K850i reviews round-up


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Mobile Choice Sony Ericsson K850i review
"It’s hard to ignore the weight of the K850i and it is admittedly rather boxy looking. The plastic finish is a magnet for grubby paw prints, but when active the phone and keypad become brightly illuminated which looks pretty cool."
Read the Mobile Choice K850i review

Poket-lint.co.uk Sony Ericsson K850i review
"With 5 megapixels on board and a stack of camera features, the K850 follows Sony Ericsson’s march on bring the gap between mobile phones and digital cameras ever closer. While all the camera features are brilliant, for us the mobile phone element has sacrificed useability."
Read the Pocket-lint.co.uk K850i review

“The Sony Ericsson K850i Cyber-shot has one of the best cameras we have ever seen on a phone but the touch-sensitive soft keys take some time to get used to and the keys on the keypad are a little small for our liking.”
Read the CNet.co.uk K850i review

Your Mobile Phone Reviews
“The beautiful Sony Ericsson K850i is a 3G camera phone which will amaze its user & all around them… a handset which will not stay still for long as there is so much for the user to enjoy on this stylish 3G camera phone.”
Read the Your Mobile Phone Reviews K850i review

Mobile Phones UK
“The eagerly awaited Sony Ericsson K850i should have been the best camera phone ever, with a 5 megapixel camera, xenon flash, autofocus & automatic lens cover. But problems with the keypad and camera mean that we can’t in all honesty recommend it.”
Read Mobile Phones UK’s K850i review

“The first camphone to handle and act like a dedicated digital camera, the K850i takes the Cyber-shot family to new heights.”
Read Stuff.tv’s K850i review

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