Sky Glass Reviews: Is It Worth It? Let’s Find Out…

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Sky Glass is kind of a big deal for Sky. It sees the company ditch its box in favor of an all-in-one 4K TV. Sounds good, right? But is all as it seems? Let’s check out what the reviews make of it…

Up until 2021, if you wanted to run Sky TV in your home you needed a dish, a box, and an engineer to come to your house and do plenty of drilling and climbing up and down ladders. As processes go, it isn’t exactly efficient. But it didn’t stop Sky’s rapid growth in the UK.

In 2021, however, you can now do away with all of that nonsense. In 2021, to run Sky TV, all you need – if you go with Sky Glass – is a single TV and that is literally it. Sky Glass represents a HUGE change to how Sky operates as a business. And if it turns out to be popular, it’ll likely result in plenty of Sky’s UK installers losing their jobs.

What is Sky Glass?

Sky Glass is an all-in-one solution for Sky TV. Everything you need to access Sky is included inside the TV. You do not need a dish and you do not need a box. The TV itself is a 4K QLED monster that looks very pretty and not unlike an overgrown iMac from certain angles.

There are three size options for Sky Glass: Small, Medium, and Large  (43in, 55in, and 65in respectively). And it comes in five colors: Ocean Blue, Ceramic White, Racing Green, Dusky Pink, or Anthracite Black.

All models have the same 4K resolution and they all support Dolby Vision HDR. Sky Glass is designed to be voice-operated but it still comes with a remote, so if you don’t want to use your voice you don’t have to.

Is Sky Glass a Sky Q replacement? No, not at all. At first glance, you might think it was. But it isn’t – for a range of reasons. Sky Glass lacks any recording features (not good) and it doesn’t have as many channels as Sky Q. For the best Sky performance, you’re still better off with Sky Q and a 4K TV from a third-party.

Sky Glass Reviews – What’s The Verdict?

For many, Sky Glass will be just what you’ve been waiting for – particularly if you are hankering for a 4K TV upgrade. It’s technically ambitious, and the first all-streaming Sky TV package will be a boon to those denied a Sky dish. But to appreciate Sky Glass, you need to appreciate what it’s not – and that’s a straight replacement for Sky Q. It’s not as channel rich and suffers from not having any recording functionality. Still, it offers a lot, and gets much right.


Sky Glass is a hassle-free TV with 4K resolution and a powerful speaker system. You’ll get all of the perks of Sky built-in, including access to loads of on-demand entertainment as well as hundreds of live TV channels. All you need is a reliable internet connection, you won’t need a satellite dish or a separate Sky Q box.


We may have expected a Sky Q internet (IP) service, but got a whole lot more. Sky Glass is truly a single device TV solution – no dish, no box required – and, based on our demo, all signs are looking strong. However, there’s no built-in recording capabilities and upgrading your TV is a big commitment.


There’s no doubt that Sky Glass offers a revolutionary take on TV as we know it. With no need for a dish or a box, and the simplicity of a one-wire setup, it takes all the complexity of buying a new TV away and blends it with a seamless content experience that hasn’t really been available until now, in the U.K. at least.

Its performance may not bother the best in the market, but we suspect that won’t matter. This is about bringing the experience of 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos to people who may have been scared off by the idea of cutting the cord before — whether from a tech or cost perspective.

Tom’s Guide

Is Sky Glass Worth It?

If for whatever reason you cannot get Sky Q installed at your home, you’re not allowed a dish on your house, for instance, then, yes Sky Glass is well worth it. You can access all of Sky’s premium services, as well as hundreds of other, free channels. You will also be able to access things like Sky Sports, Sky F1, and Sky Movies.

Compared to Sky Q, however, Sky Glass is pretty limited – both with respect to content and its features. The main issue with Sky Glass is that it doesn’t support proper program recording. Instead, you have to add things to playlists. If you’re used to just recording your favorite shows, this will feel like a downgrade from Sky Q.

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For 99.9% of people, Sky Q is still the way to go. You get more channels, the ability to run things like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney, and you have full recording abilities, as well as plenty of storage on the Sky Q box.

Sky Glass is an impressive concept, to be sure. And it is great for people that want Sky but cannot get a dish installed on their homes. But for everybody else, Sky Q is still the better option right now. But in five to ten years? Who knows. Sky Glass is blatantly the future of Sky TV, it’s just going to take a while before it brings over ALL the features you get with a Sky Q subscription.

Sky Glass Cost

If you’re thinking about getting Sky Glass, you need to keep in mind that the Sky Glass TV does not come with Sky packages included. You have to buy the TV itself and then select a Sky package. The price of the Sky Glass TV varies depending on the size you go for. Here’s a breakdown of the cost of the Sky Glass TV models.

Sky Glass Deals

Sky Glass also comes with upfront costs and contracts too. You need to sign up for either a 48 month or a 24 month contract. The cheapest option would be the 43in Sky Glass TV with its £10 upfront fee and £13 per month contract over 48 months.

Once you’ve select which model you want, you will then need to select a Sky package to run on your Sky Glass TV. The bare minimum package you can run is the Ultimate TV offering which includes Netflix and costs £26 per month. If you went with this package, Sky Glass would cost you £39 per month for two years.

Sky offers LOADS of different packages, however, so you have plenty of options for getting more from your Sky Glass TV, although the plan listed above is the cheapest package you can run on Sky Glass. And at £39 per month for two years, it isn’t exactly cheap either. Add in things like Sky Sports or Sky Movies and the cost will soon increase further.

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You can get up and running from as little as £39 per month…


What Does Sky Glass Include?

You can buy Sky Glass on 0% interest finance plans from Sky. When you order Sky Glass, you get sent a TV and that’s it. The TV itself comes with a remote and cables for connecting to the mains. All the magic, however, happens on the inside.

Sky Glass comes with Sky inside it, so you’ll need to order a package – Ultimate TV, for instance – before it is shipped. This way, once your Sky Glass arrives, all you’ll have to do is turn it on, connect it to your WiFi network, and start using your package.

If you’re currently a Sky Q customer looking to upgrade to Sky Glass, you can simply move your current package over. Just log into your Sky account, select Sky Glass, and then buy it. Follow the steps to connect your existing package and simply wait for your Sky Glass TV to arrive.

What Channels Do You Get With Sky Glass?

As noted earlier, Sky Glass does not have as many channels as Sky Q. You still have plenty of connect to choose from, as well as things like Sky Movies, Sky Sports, and Netflix, but for sheer volume, Sky Q is the better option with respect to the number of channels you have.

Sky Glass Channels


Sky Entertainment:






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You can get up and running from as little as £39 per month…


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