Scosche flipSYNC USB 2.0 Charge And Sync Cable review


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Even the most diligent Boy Scout can’t live up to that “Be prepared” mantra all of the time.

There will therefore be occasions when most of us will be left wishing we’d packed something vital like a charging and syncing cable – only to find it’s still sitting on the computer desk at home.

That’s where the flipSYNC USB 2.0 Charge and Sync Cable aims to please. It’s about the size of a keyring fob and is designed to be carried around so it’s always with you. Open it up and there are connections to link your smartphone to a USB port.

Scosche makes one flipSYNC that includes both miniUSB and microUSB connections, as well a second device that offers a standard 30-pin connector for iPod and iPhone. We tried out the latter to connect an iPhone 4.

There are some housekeeping points to remember with the flipSYNC. In order to open it up you have to first slide the iPhone connector out of its protective casing and only then can you pull out the USB connector on the opposite side without stretching the cable.

To put everything back in place, reverse these steps. Initially, there’s a sticker to help you remember that. However, even when you eventually remove that instruction, the two parts have been handily marked with numbers and arrows to show which should be moved first.

To plug the cable into a computer you have to match up the gold USB contacts on the flipSync device with the port on your computer. Naturally, your PC won’t recognise the iPhone if the USB connector is inserted incorrectly, but it is possible to fit it into a computer the wrong way up.

Using a full USB head would have made that mistake impossible and comparing the flipSYNC with a USB lead shows it should have been possible to include that without adding any extra width or depth. The connector is also quite hard to push into a USB port and a full connector would have made that less stiff.

Another change we’d make is how the flipSYNC connects to your keyring. The solid plastic loop could be swapped for a latch system to make it easier to remove from your keychain. After all, you don’t want to arrive home to find you’ve left it plugged in somewhere else with your keys attached…

Those are minor concerns, given its functionality. Our biggest worry was that the connectors would open by accident in our pocket and become damaged, but weeks of use showed no sign of that ever happening.

Even the extremely short length of cable can be forgiven since the flipSYNC’s unique selling point is its tiny, easily portable size. At just 57mm x 30mm x 7mm it certainly doesn’t look out of place nestled on your keyring and it will make you seem like a Boy Scout without having to wear a woggle.

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