Samsung Galaxy S9 WILL Feature The New “Galaxy AI UX”


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The Samsung Galaxy S9 will launch inside early-Q1 2018, likely before MWC 2018, and possibly with an early preview at CES. There have been plenty of leaks thus far, though today’s news is one of the more interesting as it comes directly from Samsung itself and concerns the Galaxy S9’s UX.

According to Samsung, the new UX for the Galaxy S9 will be called the Samsung Galaxy AI UX, implying it will rely heavily on artificial intelligence, like Bixby, so make of that what you will. It is worth noting that Bixby more or less died on arrival aboard the Galaxy S8, so this is kind of a big deal, as it has the potential to go horribly wrong.

Nothing else was mentioned about the UX, just that it would rely heavily on AI (meaning Bixby) and that Samsung had invested massively in the technology and the chipsets that power it during the past 12 months. Reports also point to Samsung’s big investment in DeePhi Tech, a start-up focused on AI.

This renewed focus on AI is likely why the Bixby button is still present on all the leaked images of the Galaxy S9 we’ve seen, though the next iteration of the software could be vastly different, providing Samsung has figured out how to make it not, err… suck.

I guess this is the cool thing about software; it can always be improved and refined. Samsung has made a big bit of noise about its investments in AI, so chances are it has something it is now proud of rather than the rushed version we got with the Galaxy S8.

However, given Samsung’s track record with its own software initiatives, I’m not exactly confident about this. I mean, pretty much everything it has created itself has tanked. Even when compared to things like Siri, which is still lightyears behind Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

This could get interesting…

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