Samsung Galaxy S9 PREVIEW Might Happen at CES 2018


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According to a new rumour, Samsung will showcase the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ flagships at the CES 2018 expo in January. The word comes via a report from Venturebeat citing an unnamed source; “someone briefed on the company’s plans”.

The report goes on to add that it seems as though Samsung still intends to hold an official launch in March 2018, however, so that could indicate a couple of things for the CES event. Firstly, don’t expect every little detail to be unwrapped. Secondly, the most likely format for this “showcase” is that it won’t be public at all – Samsung regularly uses trade expos, particularly CES, to show off forthcoming devices and hardware exclusively to industry partners behind closed doors; carrier networks, major software developers, accessory makers, retailers – that kind of deal.

According to all the rumours the Galaxy S9 series will be very similar in design and size to the current Galaxy S8 series. While broadly it is expected to be an iterative update series rather than a major revamp, some sources suggest the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will vary more in terms of internal specs and hardware; for example, it’s claimed the Galaxy S9+ will pack a dual-camera sensor array similar to the Galaxy Note 8, but the regular Galaxy S9 will still have a single-sensor camera.

The larger model is also believed to pack more RAM; 6GB to the regular edition’s 4GB. Reports indicate the Galaxy S9+’s dual-camera and fingerprint scanner layout will be vertical on the rear panel rather than horizontal, with the scanner positioned below the dual-sensor. Both Galaxy S9 models are said to come with AKG-branded stereo speakers.

Reports also indicate the Galaxy S9 series will continue from the Galaxy S8’s model numbers; where the Galaxy S8 was the SM-G950 and the Galaxy S8+ the SM-G955, the Galaxy S9 will be the SM-G960 and the Galaxy S9+ will be the SM-G965. Both will feauture new 10nm processors rather than upgrading to 7nm silicon – which won’t be ready until later in the year. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 is expected for the US market while elsewhere will be a new Exynos chip. Onboard storage is expected to remain 64GB as a baseline (with microSD support), though whether we may see higher-tier as well remains unknown at this stage. Plenty of users will surely be happy to hear the 3.5mm headphone jack is staying on both models too.

Lastly, a new Samsung DeX desktop docking station will arrive alongside the Galaxy S9 series, and it’ll work with the Galaxy S8 series and Galaxy Note 8 as well. This one will be a little different from the current model in that it’ll cradle the phone flat and enable users to implement the touchscreen as a touchpad control and virtual keyboard when in desktop mode via a monitor. Neat!

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