Samsung Galaxy S8 WAS Shown @ MWC 2017 To “Impressed” Partners


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Prior to MWC 2017 there were plenty of rumours afoot that the Galaxy S8 was going to be in attendance…behind closed doors. Yes, it’s not at all unusual for major forthcoming devices to get paraded in front of key partners of a manufacturer at such expos; carrier networks, retailers, hardware and software partners, and so on, all get a sneaky preview, often mere feet away from us unwashed masses, divided only by a flimsy screen wall.

As it turns out, this did indeed happen, at least according to a report at the Korea Herald (via SamMobile), which states that Samsung had a special demo room set out in the lobby of the Hotel Porta Fira; a stone’s throw from the main MWC expo. Further, the report specifies that partner companies were shown the device behind a “temporary wall”. Allegedly some of these company reps spoke to attending press and revealed they were “very impressed” by the preview devices, though of course, they wouldn’t specify what it was.

While it was undoubtedly a bit of a shame that the Galaxy S8 publicly skipped MWC this year, leading to the whole show being something of a damp squib, saved only by the likes of the LG G6, the firm did take the opportunity to reveal the first official teaser trailer for the Galaxy S8. Samsung has officially confirmed it is hosting its own launch event in New York on March 29, while rumours persist that the phone won’t go on sale until sometime in late April; however, it’s understood it will be a true global release with availability in all markets at the same time.

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