Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Lollipop Update NOW Rolling Out


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Got a Galaxy S5? Good news: Android Lollipop is live and ready for download, after quite a long period of waiting. Samsung first began rolling out Lollipop in Poland, Russia and Spain but has now turned its attention to the UK, as reports suggest Android Lollipop is now LIVE. 

It’s not the latest build of Lollipop, however, with reports (Sam Mobile) claiming it is based on 5.0 – and not the more up to date 5.0.2. Why this is the case is unclear; Samsung’s newer hardware has been shown to be running the most up to date build. 

KYM Android Lollipop Verdict

Google promised big things with Android 5.0, and on the whole it has delivered. The new Material Design means that Android isn’t second-best to Apple’s iOS when it comes to appearance, and a vastly enhanced notification system makes it easier than ever to keep track of things. Other new features, such as Smart Lock, User accounts and App pinning, come in very handy too, and we’re sure to see them copied elsewhere. 

Android 5.0 has changed the game – again. Google’s titanic struggle with Apple goes on regardless, but for the time being, it’s Android, which should be considered the mobile OS to beat. Android 5.0 is packed with functionality, boasts impressive customisation options and increased security. It really is one of the most impressive –– and satisfying –– updates I’ve ever tested. 

The only sad thing is that most people won’t see Google’s beautiful Material Design, as it will be hidden behind some gross, custom UX like TouchWiz or Sense. 

“It is possible that merging the new Android 5.0.2 code with existing 5.0 code could have delayed the release even more, so Samsung decided to push the 5.0 upgrade, as it was already widely tested in other countries, and update the device to the latest version of Android in a month or two,” said the report. 

Android Lollipop introduces A LOT of new features and back-end tricks designed to make your Galaxy S5 feel like a brand new handset. Things like the switch to Android Run Time (ART) should make applications feel snappier and Project Volta should add extra hours to your device’s battery life. 

Samsung has also completely redesigned its core applications too, meaning everything from the dialler to S-Health will look completely different and a lot more up to date. 

Samsung has also made some changes to the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner software in a bid to make it more functional. It now uses a new driver and also features the Note 4’s fingerprint lock screen. 

You can update your Galaxy S5 using two methods, the report added: Kies or Samsung’s FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air) service. To update your device via Kies, connect your device to your computer and use Samsung Kies 3. If you don’t like wires and stuff, you can use the FOTA method. To download and install the firmware via FOTA, go to settings > system > about device > software update > update. For advance users, all latest Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware files are available for download on our firmware section.

Firmware Details:

• Model: SM-G900F

• Model name: GALAXY S5

• Country: United Kingdom

• Version: Android 5.0 – LRX21T

• Changelist: 3624618

• Build date: Wed, 07 Jan 2015 11:18:56 +0000

• Product Code: BTU




• Download: G900FXXU1BOA3_G900FOXA1BOA4_BTU.zip

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