Samsung G800 reviews round-up


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Mobile Choice
"But despite the HSDPA, music player and Google applications, this handset is all about the camera. And when compared with five-megapixel behemoths like the Nokia N95 and new N82, the Sony Ericsson K850i and the LG KU990, it’s the G800’s 3x optical zoom that makes this handset arguably the most capable camera phone on the market."
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“The thing about the G800 is that it looks like a camera, has a bunch of features you’d associate with a camera and happily, it’s not that bad at taking pictures. Compared with the Nokia N95, LG Viewty and Sony Ericsson K850i, it’s pretty good. We would have liked to have seen a brighter xenon flash, as it’s just not as great as we expected it to be in low light.”
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Your Mobile Phone Reviews
“The camera comes with a xenon flash & an auto focus which makes the photo results so clear & well focused for the user when they are taking a shot. The user will find that the camera features on their new Samsung G800 are as good if not better than their standard digital camera, it truly provides impressive results.”
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Mobile Phones UK
The G800 is an outstanding phone. After a year in which Samsung appeared to stumble, at the close of 2007 it has launched a product that sets the standards for the year ahead and is probably the best phone of the year.”
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“With a radio, decent music player, picture blogging, HSDPA, a document viewer and secondary camera, this is much more than a camera with a phone tacked on. And with decent-sized keys and a terrifically bright screen, it’s a pleasure to use. But it suffers from an identity crisis; it’s bulky to use comfortably as a phone, while slower than a digital camera. But if you can live with these niggles, this is one well-spec’d cameraphone.”
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