Samsung Focus review: First look


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At first glace you might be fooled by the Samsung Focus.  It looks very, very familiar.  Like some of the recent Androids you’ve been hearing about.  So, think of this handset in terms of it being a very close cousin of a Samsung Galaxy S quad-band world-phone – except for the fact that it’s not running any version of Google’s Android operating system but IS running Windows Phone 7. 

Forget about all the Windows Mobile phones of the past.  And please forget about KIN – even though its start page looks a whole lot like the the one on the new Windows Phone 7 phones.  This new OS – with its “Metro” screen layout – is ultra modern, super powerful, extremely intuitive plus very easy to learn and to master.   Overall, I’ve found the Focus to be fast (to switch from one menu to another) and great with battery life (a full day – or much more.) 

It seems to do handle every task with a definite flair – from the cute little animations page turns – or the little blue dots that dance across the screen while you’re opening a Web page or document – to the manner in which home pages go up and down while some new downloadable apps (like IMDb, Fandago, eBay and OpenTable) open to multiple screens which slide left and right.  It’s like Microsoft studied the competition and made a concerted effort to do it better.

The Focus sports a beautiful, 4-inch, Super AMOLED screen.  The screen serves to differentiate the devices from all the other new Windows Phone 7s.  There is also a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 5MP camera with dedicated flash, 5 sensors (A-GPS, accelerometer, compass, proximity and light), Start, Search, Back Camera, Volume and  Power buttons-plus FM Radio and Direct-X GPU support –  all of which are part of Microsoft’s minimum specifications for these devices. 

Take a look at the full Samsung Focus review on our sister site, Know Your Cell

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