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When you’re travelling, discovering somewhere interesting off the beaten track can be an amazing experience. The thrill of locating a hitherto undisturbed setting – free from the hustle and bustle that extensive tourism brings – is one of life’s little pleasures.

So what better way to celebrate this most unique of feelings than by plastering the position of said idyllic location all over the interweb with the Roadtrippr application for your iPhone?

The principle behind this piece of software is in introducing places of interest to others. For example, should you come across a particularly remarkable building that you deem to be worthy of wider recognition, you can add it to Roadtrippr’s database and thus give it the opportunity to earn a little more fame.

When other Roadtrippr users are passing nearby, they can search for local places of note and your newly-listed building will appear as an option, along with Google Maps-generated directions on how to get to it.

Using the app is simple enough, and you can start adding content as soon as you’ve registered. However, if you’re keen to learn rather than to share you can just look for nearby locations, which doesn’t require registration.

This brings us to the single biggest issue we had with Roadtrippr – it’s clearly aimed at American users. We struggled to find any notable places in the UK and had to expand the search area to around 300 miles before anything came up near us – hardly what you would deem as being ‘local’.

Another issue is the quality of user submissions. Whist trawling through the database we discovered a few strange entries – the most amusing of which was the address of a lady which had been contributed by her uncle (he even listed the place of interest as ‘niece’).

While we’re sure the woman in question is probably very interesting in her own way, we’re not convinced she’d be receptive to hundreds of passing Roadtrippr users knocking on her door every day of the week.

Clearly Roadtrippr is an application that has the potential to grow as more and more people sign up and start to submit locations, but at the moment it’s in dire need of decent content and attentive moderation.

While there are some great-sounding places in the database, they’re often lost amongst the pointless (or downright bizarre) entries. If the developer can employ tactics to ensure that submissions meet a required standard then we’d be more willing to recommend this app.

Roadtrippr Info

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Platform: Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Version of app: 1.5

Price: Free

Developer: Jonathan Mulcahy

Website/Demo: The official Roadtrippr website

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