Quick Mobile Fix Review: Fixing My Cracked LG G3


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Getting a smashed-up phone fixed is pretty easy these days. You can buy the bits you need from Amazon and do it yourself; probably not advisable. Or you can get it done professionally by a phone repair company like Quick Mobile Fix.

Obviously, acquiring the services of a professional phone repair services costs money. But if using them is cheaper than buying a new phone then surely it’s all good, right? I’d argue, yes. And this is why more and more services that do just this are popping up online.

Recently, my LG G3 took an absolute battering. I dropped it on a night out and the screen looked as if it had been run over by a lorry; it was completely ruined and barely recognised my inputs.

I do genuinely love my LG G3 and hadn’t planned on upgrading until at least late-2016 when Apple’s new iPhone comes out. I didn’t want to buy a new phone and I didn’t want to lose a phone I’d become attached to. So I decided to check out one of these online phone repair services.

After some research, I settled on Quick Mobile Fix — they have excellent reviews, decent-looking prices and good customer service. The Quick Mobile Fix website is super easy to use as well. You locate your model, specify the type of repair it needs and then you’re presented with a quote — £96.99 for a complete screen refit.

The process took around three minutes, including payment. Quick Mobile Fix provides you with “free” postage, but knowing how much phone screens cost I was hardly jumping with joy over this — the price of posting is almost certainly included in the cost, which totalling nearly £100 is rather steep.

Nevertheless, it is bloody convenient. And this is the point. I mean, I could probably fix the clutch on my car if it broke, providing I did enough research and had the tools. But that’s never going to happen. It’s just easier to pay a professional and forget about it. And this is why I used Quick Mobile Fix; I wanted something quick and easy. I can’t afford not to have a phone for two weeks. Quick Mobile Fix said the phone would be fixed and returned by courier within three working days. I sent the G3 off on Monday and the phone was back in my hand working by Thursday afternoon.

The new display works perfectly and the phone functions as good as new. Overall, Quick Mobile Fix provided an excellent service and I would definitely use them again. The price wasn’t great, if I’m 100% honest, but the quality of the repair, overall service time and customer service were — and that for me is a big plus in Quick Mobile Fix’s favour.

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