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There are loads of Twitter clients out there at the moment, but fortunately many of them are available for free, which at least makes it easier to try a few until you find one you’re happy with.

Whichever you choose, Pocketwit should certainly come in for some serious consideration. It downloads and launches very quickly and you can be up and tweeting in seconds rather than minutes.

Pocketwit is nothing but functional, which, let’s face it, is what Twitter should be all about. When you first call it up you’re straight into your Twitter feed for an instant catch-up. There’s no need to squint since this page fills your entire screen, because the menus are all off-stage. Stage left to be precise, since you’re obliged to take advantage of Windows Mobile 6.1’s touch screenability by dragging the menus page in from the left.

Even with the menus covering the screen, the far left corner of your Tweets is still visible, so you can still scroll through them (though this will really only be of use if they’re using a picture of themselves, otherwise all you’ll see is the Twitter double ‘o’ default pic for each. There’s also a handy little scrolling icon on the right-hand side which allows you to whip through your Tweets list with ease.

Not only is it easy to use, but PockeTwit is also one of the most full-featured Twitter clients we’ve tried, which pretty much puts it on a par with the facilities available on your desktop (but with added portability). It’s been evolving steadily through several incarnations (we tried version 0.75 on an HTC Touch Pro2) and there’s support for multiple Twitter accounts, clickable URLs, an easy option for clearing your cache, a separate messages section and a location-based Twitter search which allows you to track Twitterers within 30 miles of you.

You can add pictures to your Tweets from your phone’s memory or direct from the camera and send them to TwitPic, plus there’s a URL shortener for adding links that won’t drag you over your 140 characters. It’s also integrated with ShortText, which allows too-long Tweets to be available via ShortText. You can even add a separate shortcut to your phone’s apps menu that puts you straight into Tweet sending mode for extra speed.

This is a terrific Twitter app that’s very easy to use and offers a wealth of functions.

PockeTwit info

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Platform: Windows Mobile

Price: Free

Version: 0.75

Developer: Jake Stevenson

Website/Demo: PockeTwit website

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