NOW Xiaomi Wants To Take On GoPro –– For Just $64


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Xiaomi is like the biggest tech brand you’ve never used. The company, essentially a start-up by modern, mobile standards, is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and is famed for producing beautiful smartphones –– the Xiaomi Mi 4, for instance –– with excellent spec at bargain basement prices. 

Called the Apple of The East, Xiaomi is now turning its attention to the growing “sports camera” market, which has been whittled out in recent years by the ever-popular GoPro, with its own creation –– the Xiaomi YiCamera. 

“The new Xiaomi YiCamera features a 16-megapixel Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor and offers a 155-degree panoramic view along with slow-motion recording and time lapse video capabilities,” reports BGR. “Its rock-bottom price compares extremely favourably with the $400 price tag of GoPro’s Hero 4 Silver.”

This is a pretty HUGE announcement by the company that just can’t stop winning. But for those of you intrigued, hold your horses: the YiCamera probably won’t make it out of China. Why? Xiaomi does not have any presence in the west just yet. The company is looking to change that in 2015, granted, but it will only be with accessories to begin with. 

But isn’t this an accessory of sorts? In a way, yes, but multiple reports claim this isn’t destined for any Western markets anytime soon. One reason, posited by BGR, is lawsuits. According to its report, Xiaomi would likely be inundated with writs by GoPro should it ever look to retail this product in the US.  

Still, you’ll no doubt be able to buy one on Alibaba or eBay, so who cares if it doesn’t get a proper release. 

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