Nokia X2 review


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The Nokia X2 is just one of the phones Nokia has released this year. While the recent craze has surrounded 3G smartphones with impressive resumes of all their high-tech capabilities, some of us are wondering – are there any mobiles left that are simple, easy to use, and of good quality?

The Nokia X2 markets itself as such and is reasonably priced as well, it’s under £100 – and we like the sound of that.

The Nokia X2 offers the standards of a mobile phone and then some. The phone is smooth and slim, and is available in black and red, or silver and blue. It weighs 82 g and has a 2.2-inch display, with 320 x 240 QVGA TFT resolution.

When the Li-Ion battery is fully charged, you can get a lot out of it – 765 minutes of talk-time to be precise.

The phone stores up to 48 MB internally but users can expand this to 16GB via its microSD slot.

The handset runs on a Symbian S40 OS. So while it does not have turbo 3G or Wi-Fi, users can connect to the internet via GPRS and EDGE.

The connection is not terribly fast but is most definitely adequate – especially for users that will only require web access very occasionally.

Users can connect to and browse the internet, check e-mail, and use the Facebook and YouTube apps for some light entertainment.

The Facebook app is not nearly as easy to use as the website itself, but still allows users to check status updates, wall posts, and write from wall-to-wall.

Using the web browser comes as easy as the push of a button, or a few anyway. A page will come up just how it would on a computer screen and users have the option of using the navigation key to zoom in on the words and images.

The Nokia X2 has Five-way Navi™ key with dedicated camera and music keys. Press the menu key and you will find such features as messaging, games, photos, music, and access to the Ovi Store.

The phone comes with a decent number of games and ringers, but only a few songs are already included in the music media, so you may wish to poke around the Ovi Store to search for games, maps, messaging, media, and music.

You can also have a go at customizing the home screen by adjusting widgets, icons, and shortcuts, and playing around with different colours, wallpapers, and themes.

The colours in the screen do kind of pop, kudos to the phone’s QVGA TFT display. And the 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and 4x smooth zoom suggests high-quality photos as far as camera phones go.

However, the 2.2-inch display does make it a bit difficult to get the full effect of a picture. The video camera captures in QVGA as well at up to 20 fps. It too has the 4x smooth zoom, but the clip length is dependent upon the mobile’s available free memory.

Nokia markets the phone as being made for music-lovers. Some of the key music features include FM stereo radio with built-in antenna, Music Player supporting mp3, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA, Stereo Bluetooth 2.1 support, Ovi Music Unlimited in certain regions, and stereo output speakers.

The phone’s dedicated music keys along the side of the phone make it easy to access your music as it comes streaming through in a matter of seconds.

The speakers do have great volume and quality. However, on one occasion we had FM static blaring through our bag – apparently something in my purse unlocked the keypad and turned on the FM radio.

Minor mishap aside, we do have one other problem with the locked keypad function.

If you press any key when the mobile is locked, you can see the service bars, time, and date, but you can’t see if you’ve missed a call. You can only see the ‘1 missed call’ notification once the phone is unlocked – but how do I know I need to make a call if I haven’t seen that I’ve missed one?

Overall, though, this is a very well equipt device that is both affordable and well stocked with features. Neither Apple or HTC will be losing any sleep over it, but for a user that prefers a simpler and more affordable phone experience, the Nokia X2 is definitely worth your consideration.

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