Nokia N82 reviews round-up


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Mobile Choice
"As with the N81 before it, there’s a lot going for the N82 because Nokia masterfully crams its N-series phones with top end features. However, the major flaw in this handset is its finish. The keypad is uncomfortable, the markings are faint, and the materials used feel a little creaky."
Read the Mobile Choice Nokia N82 review

“The N82’s most impressive feature is definitely its camera. You may be thinking that on paper there’s no significant difference between it and the N95’s — they both boast 5 megapixels — but we think it’s much better. It’s possibly even the best camera on a phone so far.”
Read the CNet.co.uk Nokia N82 review

“This is Nokia packaging its current lineup of phones in a different form factor and adding a Xenon flash rather than offering anything new and improved. Where the phone fails even further is that the repackaged exterior isn’t actually that nice or easy to use either. Like the Sony Ericsson W880 the keys are prickly to use and the overall build quality compared to other handsets in this sector isn’t that great either.”
Read the Pocket-lint.co.uk Nokia N82 review

Mobile Phones UK
“A good alternative to the N95, the N81 [sic] offers very nearly the same features, but at a significantly lower price. It’s a classic-style smartphone with GPS navigation, an outstanding 5 megapixel camera, media player, wireless LAN, a 2 Gbyte memory card and HSDPA for accelerated 3G connectivity”
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Your Mobile Phone Reviews
“The integrated camera is a 5 megapixel camera which comes with the fantastic Carl Zeiss optics & Tessar™ lens which provides the user with a professional built in camera feature. The Carl Zeiss optics provides the user with a clear & precise photo & imaging experience in the user’s hand.”
Read the Your Mobile Phone Reviews Nokia N82 review

What Mobile
“It does have the best camera we’ve seen on a Nokia, or perhaps any phone full stop. Sony Ericsson previously had everything sewn up on the music and cameraphone market, but it looks like Nokia has hit back with a vengeance. All of this added to an already powerful Series 60 smartphone, with GPS, HSDPA and Wi-Fi, and the N82 is a clear winner.”
Read the What Mobile Nokia N82 in the February 2008 issue

Trusted Reviews
“There is so much to like about the Nokia N82, from its good camera and massive feature set through to its 3.5mm headset connector and TV-out capability, that the handset design feels like a great let-down.”
Read the Trusted Reviews Nokia N82 review

“And now, we have the N82. Laden with more goodies than Santa’s sleigh, it’s a sure sign that Nokia is the out and out leader when it comes to multimedia mobiles.”
Read the T3 Nokia N82 review

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