Nokia N81 8GB reviews round-up


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Mobile Choice
"As for the music quality, the true test is to listen to a music player through a decent set of headphones. Fortunately, the N81 8GB features a 3.5mm headphone connector, so we could plug in our Sennheiser PX200 headphones – and the sound quality was great.."
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“The N81 is an impressive phone, but it’s not really the revolutionary handset that many people were expecting. It has great music features and looks like it could become a seriously good games machine given the right software support, but it’s marred slightly by the poor touch wheel and chunky dimensions.”
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Your Mobile Phone Reviews
“The phones really come alive when the built in music functions are used & the user can enjoy many hours worth of music entertainment on their beautiful new handset. The phones both come with a high quality music player which supports all popular music formats.”
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Pocket Lint
“With 8GB on-board memory the first thing you’ll want to do is fill it with music. Using 48Kbps encoding, Nokia say you can get up to 6000 songs on your N81.”
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“The Nokia N81 is still full of impressive features and will certainly appeal to music and gaming fans. We’re just slightly miffed about its poor hardware interface design and it’s comparatively heavy weight.”
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