Nokia 9 Specs & Release Date: What You NEED To Know


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HMD has had a wildly successful first year in business. The company, which was only founded in 2016, has moved forwards quickly with the Nokia brand, pumping out releases left, right, and centre. Counterpoint Research reckons HMD sold 13.5 million feature phones and 2.8 million smartphones during Q3 2017.

This is very impressive for a first-time company. Granted, it has the Nokia brand at its disposal, but the company had only sold 1.5 million units by the half way mark of 2017. The spike in growth in the latter part of the year was down to handsets like the Nokia 2 and Nokia 8 and also the Nokia 3310.

HMD has said it will take them around 10 years to catch up with Apple. But at least things are off to a good start; these figures put it in front of quite a few, well established brands, including HTC and BlackBerry.

The Nokia 9 remains a perplexing mystery as we proceed through the early part of 2018. Primarily this is because we’ve seen enough to believe it’s real, and is on the way to market sometime in the near future, but at the same time the tipped release dates keep passing with no sight or sound of an official launch.

Previously it was thought the phone could launch in late 2017, in time for Christmas, though possibly as late as December. That didn’t happen.

Then some sources said January 2018, with  MyDrivers claiming HMD Global would be holding a product launch in China on January 19. It’s was said that the Nokia 9 would be unveiled at this event along with a next-gen Nokia 8.

But here we are in March, and it is yet to launch.

However, a new report from Nokia Power User claims that the Nokia 9 will launch inside 2018 – it says the Nokia 8 Pro will not be the only Snapdragon 845-based flagship-tier phone from HMD Global this year, as the Nokia 9 will use the same CPU. The report adds it will have its own “best in class” camera, and even goes as far as saying it might be even more powerful and innovative than the Nokia 8 Pro’s allged penta-lens optical zoom setup.

The report also alleges it may have a larger display than the Nokia 8 Pro, and will feature an in-display fingerprint scanner. All of this could mean a price as high as the Samsung Galaxy S9 series, however. It is hinted that the Nokia 8 Pro may be landing towards the end of Summer 2018, while the Nokia 9 may arrive around September, possibly at IFA 2018.

It seems like a week doesn’t go by without some leak regarding the Nokia 9, and yet weeks and weeks go by and the handset is yet to officially appear. The latest sighting is yet another set of case renders showing the Nokia 9 wearing protective cases designed specifically for it.

This time, it’s casemaker Tudia’s turn, with its Indian-facing webstore showing some new cases for the Nokia 9. The product images clearly show the curved edge display and dual-sensor rear camera, however, a rumoured dual-sensor front-facing camera isn’t so apparent.





Retailer Gearbest also posted a listing of a TPU Nokia 9 case with similar images.



The Nokia 9 has allegedly been spotted in Jakarta, Indonesia, according to local publications  reporting there. What’s believed to be a test prototype was seen being used, in particular it appeared the dual-13MP camera was being test driven. Although the handset was viewed from a distance, it does appear to match designs leaked earlier in the year by casemakers, including a vertical dual-camera array with LED flash positioned adjacent to it. The display also seems to fit earlier leaks, with apparent curved edges on a 5.5in 18:9 OLED setup.




We know that the Nokia 9 is essentially an enlarged Nokia 8 with the now trendy 18:9 wide aspect ratio screen and narrower bezels arond the display – this will also mean the fingerprint scanner moves to the back panel. The other difference is it will be waterproof.

For the Nokia 8 (2018) we have no clue in terms of specs and features, but if it’s launching alongside the Nokia 9 it could be the same spec again but with some tweaks, perhaps added waterproofing and camera enhancements?

The leaked details do give pricing information for the Nokia 9 at  CNY 3,699 for the 64GB edition and CNY 4,199  for the 128GB; that’s about $560 and $635 respectively.

According to a new report from Chinese sources, the Nokia 9 might feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, which is interesting as all previous leaks have pointed to a rear-mounted one. There’s not a lot of info to go on, although the source has been dubbed “trusted”. Considering multiple case makers have already finalised cases with a rear cut-out for the Nokia 9, there’s basically only a few possible scenarios here; either the allegation is bunk, or HMD has made a drastic last-minute change to the design, or it’ll sport two fingerprint scanners (which makes no sense whatsoever).

However, the fact that the Nokia 9 has been “imminent” for quite some time now and is yet to appear, combined with recent rumours saying it’ll arrive much later this year, suggests it is possible that HMD has put in place some kind of major overhaul. It is possible that the previous cases we’ve seen were legitimate when that design was near-final (case makers usually get info direct from the phone-maker to prep accessories ahead of launch), but a big re-think on the project may have delayed it and caused a considerable design change. This is all speculation, of course.

At this point the Nokia 9 is developing near mythical status, and we’re starting to wonder if it will ever see the light of day, or if, rather like the Surface Phone or iPhone SE 2, will remain vapourware for the forseeable.


A listing on the US FCC website for the Nokia 9 appears to reveal most of the specs for the incoming flagship.

The leak lines up pretty well with what we’ve seen before, which is essentially a Nokia 8 spec sheet. Although these specific details aren’t listed, the rumour mill has suggested the Nokia 9 will have added waterproofing, camera improvements, and an 18:9 aspect ratio display.

The chipset is confirmed as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, but RAM isn’t listed. We do see 128GB of onboard storage, Android Oreo, and an LG-made 5.5in OLED display.

The primary camera appears to have similar specs to the Nokia 8, with a 12MP and 13MP dual-sensor setup, however, this doesn’t rule out the rumoured camera improvements over the current lead model as we may be looking at wider apertures or the increasingly popular software algorithms in terms of improving picture quality.

The last bit of info is an 3,250mAh battery with quick charge.


The model mentioned by the retailer is the  TA-1004 seen in earlier leaks, which will reportedly only pack 4GB RAM to begin with, and 64GB of onboard storage. It’s implied that the previously leaked 8GB RAM edition could emerge later. It’ll also come in blue, steel, and a couple of apparent dual-tone variants with blue/gold and copper/gold being mentioned.

A report from June 19 2017 suggests that HMD might have axed one version of the Nokia 9 – but don’t fret too much, dear reader, the Nokia 9 is still very much on the way.

According to Nokiamob, a leaked request from HMD to the FCC asks that the Nokia 9 model  TA-1004, which was recently certified, have its certification transferred to the TA-T1012.

Why is this important? Well the first model which is already certified is near identical in specs to the second model, except that it has 4GB of RAM, while the second model has 6GB of RAM. What this would appear to mean is that HMD has decided to pull the plug on the lower RAM model and will instead focus on the 6GB RAM edition (and possibly the rumored 8GB RAM higher-tier one as well). If HMD was going to launch both a 4GB RAM and 6GB RAM model it would need to certify both seperately, but in transferring the certification it implies it no longer needs one for the 4GB RAM model, implying it will not see light of day on retail shelves.


This also raises a question regarding storage, as typically different RAM models have different allocations of storage; for example, 64GB with 4GB RAM vs a higher tier 128GB model with 6GB RAM. We have no info on whether this applies to the Nokia 9.

Nokia’s range of Android phones are now official, the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 will all get a release in India this week, but for most people, the Nokia 9 is the one we’ve all been waiting for, as it is a proper flagship.

The main image for this article is a leaked photo of the Nokia 9, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Google’s Pixel phone. Unlike the Pixel, though, the Nokia 9 will feature a dual-lens camera.

And now a leak from a reliable source shows us what that dual-lens camera will look like. Earlier in the year, HMD announced it had signed a deal with optics OEM and former Nokia partner Carl Zeiss to bring better quality imaging to its Nokia-branded Android phones. On top of that there were hints of a dual-camera setup on the way.

This new leak via prominent Twitter personality @evleaks has now shown us an image of what’s alleged to be the Nokia 8/Nokia 9 Zeiss-branded dual-camera module.


As you can see, it’s very precise and clean in Nokia’s traditional style, it features two identically proportioned lenses placed vertically on top of each other at the top of a lozenge shaped module; note that just because the exterior size looks the same doesn’t mean they will be identical sensors; it’s plausible that one or the other will be larger, or feature larger pixels, or have a higher megapixel rating.

Below them is the ZEISS logo also arranged vertically, and below that there are two more circular openings; the lower one is clearly a dual-tone LED flash, but we’re not sure what the other could be; perhaps a laser autofocus module?

With the phone held horizontally for typical scene capture, the lenses will be in a side-by-side setup and the logo will be in normal left-to-right reading alignment.

Nokia 9 DESIGN 

A set of renders have appeared of the Nokia 9 which look very official in nature, although as per usual they come via sources out of China and on Twitter. The renders purport to show the design of the handset which, true to the previous rumours, looks very much like an enlarged Nokia 8 and features a colossal edge-to-edge display panel.

On the rear panel the phone features a fingerprint reader nested just underneath the dual-sensor Carl Zeiss branded camera array – it’s a much more sensible placement than Samsung’s recent Galaxy S8 and Note 8 flagships where the scanner perches just to the side of the camera, making it decidedly non-ambidextrous in operation.

The rear panel is made from curved glass, just like the front, while the fascia houses an AMOLED display. However, while AMD/Nokia reps have said the Nokia 9 will be bigger, a set of GFXBench results claims a 5.3in diagonal identical to the Nokia 8. Frankly we’re more inclined to believe Nokia’s word at this point.


The camera is expected to be the same as the Nokia 8, a pair of IMX 258 sensors in both monochrome and RGB flavours, while the beating heart is supposedly also a Snapdragon 835 (again, Nokia 8 hardware being re-used).

Indeed, the main differences appear to be primarily design, the bigger size, an alleged €750 price tag, and IP68 water and dust resistance; which was absent from the Nokia 8.

A little while ago, reliable source @OnLeaks leaked some renders of the fothcoming Nokia 9, and now someone’s taken the details from those renders and created this rather stunning preview video showing how the phone will most likely look when it arrvies.

“With onleaks leaking the Nokia 9 i felt like making a video of it. Now the Nokia 9 will probably be released somewhere in 2018,” said the video’s creator and uploader, a Youtuber called Concept Creator.


It certainly looks gorgeous.

The designer has rendered the Nokia 9 in black and silver, as well as the same deep blue colour we’ve seen on the Nokia 8 and other members of the Nokia Android family. The Nokia 8 and a few others have also had copper coloured variants, or at least handsets with copper accents, so hopefully we’ll see this for the Nokia 9 too.

We can clearly see the 18:9 aspect ratio edge-to-edge display with curved edges wrapping around like the Galaxy S8 series. Also showcased is the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, dual-sensor Carl Zeiss camera, and a Type-C USB port. As far as we can tell (although we don’t get much of a look at the top edge) the phone doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

In terms of other specs and features, it’s believed the Nokia 9 will mostly be the same as the Nokia 8, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and the same camera hardware. However, it will feature IP certified waterproofing as an improvement on the Nokia 8, as well as a QHD resolution on the display.

Given @OnLeaks track record, the details used to create this render are likely spot on, so we expect this is how the phone will look. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

A new leaked image has appeared online showing the Nokia 9’s back panel; it’s not attached to the rest of the phone, but we can see the deep blue colouration, the curvature of the edges, and the cut-outs for the dual-camera sensor, fingerprint scanner, and another smaller hole which may be for an autofocus or LED-flash module.


Currently we don’t know when the Nokia 9 will arrive on the market. What we do know, however, is that the Nokia 8 won’t be arriving in the US at all. 

A representatives of HMD Global has now confirmed that the Nokia 8 will NOT be released in the US market, unfortunately.

An email was forwared to NokiaPowerUser showing a discussion between a Nokia fan and the head of sales for HMD Global’s US branch, Rex Fryhover.

Fryhover confirmed that HMD “will not be launching the Nokia 8 in the USA”. He added that the reason for the decision is that the Nokia 8 is “not properly banded for the US”, which we can only assume means in terms of connectivity bands for mobile data and telecoms. 

The only logical conclusion we can come to is that the Nokia 9 was planned all along and HMD intends to release it in the US as the primary flagship there, skipping over the Nokia 8 entirely.

The Nokia 9 has leaked thanks to third-party accessory manufacturers already selling cases for it on Amazon, complete with images showing the phone wearing these cases. The Nokia 9 has been rumoured for a while now as an enhanced version of the Nokia 8, but oddly the rumour trail had died off somewhat in recent months. Until now, that is..

We’ve already known for a while that the Nokia 9 will essentially be a Nokia 8 with an enlarged display covering the entire frontage (18:9 aspect ratio), moving the fingerprint scanner to the back panel. In that sense it is like most other major flagships or 18:9 flagship variants launched this year. The Nokia 9 will also add waterproofing, which the Nokia 8 did not have.

The design will feature an all-glass front and back, held together by a metal frame. The images shown in these case listings demonstrate cases that enshroud most of the rear panel and the phone’s edges, with cut-outs on the rear for the fingerprint scanner and dual-sensor Carl Zeiss camera.


We can only really see the curved glass front, which juts out slightly from the casing, making the overall look remarkably similar to the old Nokia Lumia 900 (one of our favourite Nokia designs).

In the below image, we do get a glimpse of the Nokia 9’s back panel.


Nokia 9 Camera & Display 

First, the Nokia 9 WILL feature a dual-lens camera. Word on the street suggests this will be a 2x13MP setup, complete with OIS, dual-LED flash and support for 4K video.

Second, the handset will also feature a QHD display. The screen itself, according to the leak, will be a 5.2in panel, which is rather small by today’s standards, with a QHD resolution.


Other key specs include the Snapdragon 835 chipset, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The Nokia 9 – or Nokia 8, as it is also sometimes called – will feature stock Android Nougat just like the Google Pixel and will also come bundled with a pair of decent earbuds, apparently.

Wireless charging has also been confirmed too. As for the price? Expect to pay around $700 for this phone once it lands. This is an interesting price point, as it is cheaper than the Galaxy S8 and incoming iPhone 8 but a lot more expensive than Nokia’s previous releases.

Personally, I thought Nokia would go the OnePlus route and pack in tons of specs for a relatively low RRP. This doesn’t appear to be the case, however, as this handset, if the leaks are true, will retail for around the same price as the Google Pixel, which is an expensive phone.

Frandroid even managed to post some Nokia 9 camera samples as well, which you can see below:





Please keep in mind that the leaked Nokia 9 camera is almost certainly a pre-production unit, meaning nothing will be final – including the camera, which could explain the lumpy quality of the images. They’re also scaled down too.

This applies to the rest of the Nokia 9’s specs too; things could change between now and when the phone launches. Most of it should remain the same, however, as the Nokia 9 is getting very close to being official.

The Nokia 9 has leaked once more, this time appearing in a Geekbench test result sporting a sizeable 8GB of RAM! The handset is listed as “Unknown Heart”. It also contains “ARM implementer 81 architecture 8 variant 10 part 2048 revision 1” which is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor.


Nokia’s just updated its camera app for the Nokia 5 as part of the Oreo Beta, with the update adding support for wide-angle and telephoto lenses; something none of the current Nokia Android line-up support, suggesting it may be a preliminary move to prepare for such capabilities on the Nokia 9 and other Nokia phones launching inside 2018.

The application shows support for 2x telephoto zoom; which the Nokia 5 cannot use. Similarly, the current Nokia 8 only has one field of view for both camera lenses. At present no phone camera in production supports both telephoto and wide angle lenses at the same time, suggesting that perhaps Nokia could be about to launch an industry first.

As well as the Nokia 9 potentially leveraging these new changes, we had previously been left scratching our heads as to why Nokia also apparently plans to reboot the Nokia 8 very soon as well – considering that phone has not been on the market long. As well as the alleged 18:9 display and possible waterproofing, it is possible it will also feature updated camera hardware. Increasingly, however, as we hear more about the Nokia 9 and Nokia 8 (2018) we’re wondering what the difference between the two will actually be!

Imaging is one of the big areas where a phone brand can really make a name for itself. The camera is where Google’s Pixel phones have excelled for the past two years and is is also what let down the Essential Phone so much when it was first released.

Getting the camera right is key for any new release, especially a high-end, flagship release like the Nokia 9. In addition to this, Nokia has a very good pedigree in this regard with its PureView camera which first launched back in 2012.

All of the above points to the Nokia 9’s camera being very impressive, indeed.

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