Nokia 6500 Slide reviews round-up


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Poket-lint.co.uk Nokia 6500 Slide review
"After playing with the Nokia 6500 Slide for over a week, it merely comes across as a poor mans Nokia N95. That’s not to say the phone, complete with its 3 megapixel camera doesn’t perform well, because it does, it just doesn’t leave you with the same satisfaction the 6500 Classic does."
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“It’s a shame the design is so chunky, but the Nokia 6500 Slide still has plenty to offer thanks to its clever TV output, good camera and impressive music player.”
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Your Mobile Phone Reviews
“The 6500 Slide is a sleek 3G slider phone which comes in a silver & black coloured casing. The phone comes with easy to use imaging features which bring a fun & useful element to this smooth opening handset.”
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Mobile Phones UK
“The Nokia 6500 Slide is a slide design 3G phone with an excellent 3.2 megapixel camera and a large hi-res LCD display. It offers video calling, and MP3 player, an FM radio, expandable memory and Bluetooth. On the negative side it’s heavier than average and its battery life could be better.”
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“The 6500 Slide has the high calibre metallic build of the 8600 Luna, the impressive feature set of the N73 and lashings of Nokia’s famed user-friendliness. What’s not to like?”
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