Nokia 6500 Classic reviews round-up


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Pocket-lint.co.uk Nokia 6500 Classic review
"With so many phones offering you megapixels this and music players that, the 6500 classic is a great handset for those who don’t want to be fussed with all the extras."
Read the Pocket-lint.co.uk Nokia 6500 Classic review

“It may not be the most advanced handset in the world and doesn’t have the longest battery life, but Nokia 6500 Classic’s drop-dead gorgeous design, ease of use and good range of features make it a winner”
Read the CNet.co.uk Nokia 6500 Classic review

Your Mobile Phone Reviews
“The phone will be admired for its looks as well as its capabilities… The Nokia 6500 Classic is more than just a beautifully stylish slim phone – it is a powerful 3G phone which comes with fun and easy to use features.”
Read the Your Mobile Phone Reviews Nokia 6500 Classic review

Mobile Phones UK
“The 6500 Classic is Nokia’s thinnest phone so far, and is a stunningly beautiful phone too, with its polished metal casing. It’s an easy to use phone that does just what most people want from a phone – make calls, take pictures and play music. Supplied with 1 Gbyte of memory and a stereo headset, it’s already equipped to go.”
Read Mobile Phones UK’s Nokia 6500 Classic review

“The 6500 Classic’s gorgeously sculpted body work is just about enough for us to overlook its feature failings. One for the sophisticated style hounds among you.”
Read Stuff.tv’s Nokia 6500 Classic review

Mobile Choice
“Until now, Nokia has tended to shy away from ultra-slim handsets. But, the Nokia 6500 Classic remedies that by measuring just 9.5mm thin. Available in either black or bronze, both colours look stunning. Although svelte, we were surprised as to how solid and sturdy it feels.”
Read Mobile Choice’s Nokia 6500 Classic review

“It’s an understated but elegant sliver of a design that avoids the flash attention grabbing of the Nokia 7500 Prism and the wallet-bruising price tag of the Nokia 8800 series.”
Read Tech.co.uk’s Nokia 6500 Classic review

“It’s a black clad candybar that passes more than a passing resemblance to the old-school iPod Nano. Not that we’re complaining. It looks sharp as hell and will induce gadget envy every time you slap it on the table.”
Read T3.co.uk’s Nokia 6500 Classic review

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