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If you’re travelling light, electrical appliances are one of the first things to go. Even if you’re a dedicated entertainment fan, you’re not going to go around carrying a TV or games console with you. Night Stand aims to tick another appliance off the traveller’s inventory list- the bedside clock.

Although the iPhone has a perfectly functional alarm clock built-in, it’s not the most attractive of clocks- certainly not the sort of thing you’d want to look at after rolling over, half-asleep in bed. Night Stand remedies this lack by offering you six different clock faces, designed to look like real-life alarm clocks on the iPhone’s screen.

Most of them are based on LCD display clocks, with four different fascias of this sort available, using different colours and slightly different styles. There’s also a traditional flip-over style clock and a cryptic binary display one, for those with a taste for minimalist design and chromed kitchen appliances.

Since this app is designed to run for a relatively long while, most likely overnight, it automatically overrides the iPhone’s automatic sleep mode, allowing Night Stand to keep its grip over the device. However, you can dim the display with a simple double tap on the screen.

Of course, even with the backlight dimmed, Night Stand will still drain your battery a lot faster than if you were in sleep mode, making the app only a perfect fit as an alarm clock replacement if you’ve got a power supply to hook your iPhone up to overnight.

If you have this, or are at least willing to sacrifice a chunk of your iPhone’s battery for the sake of clock functionality, Night Stand will wake you up with one of eight alarm tones, from the noise of glass breaking to the far more soothing sound of bird calls. Unfortunately, you can’t use any music or sounds from your library as your alarm tone, so you’re limited to these eight.

Easy to use and good looking enough to justify its presence on the App Store, the only real annoyance that rears is head when using Night Stand is the fact that it uses the iPhone’s normal volume level to control the volume of the alarm. So, if you’ve put your phone on silent while playing a quick game on the way home, for example, you’ll have to remember to put the volume back up before you go to bed or your alarm won’t sound, even though it’ll technically be going off.

Adding this functionality would push Night Stand up a notch, but it’s still a solid download for those looking to give the iPhone clock an aesthetic re-vamp.

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Platform: iPhone/iPod touch

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Developer: Spoonjuice

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