Motorola MotoPure H15 review


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Handsfree headsets like the MotoPure H15 have the potential to really take off – especially as drivers are told to keep their hands on the wheels and off their handsets – but they need to be easy to use and comfortable to wear, without sacrificing too much sound quality.

The MotoPure H15 gets solid points in all three areas, but not enough to make it a must-have for drivers or those too lazy to lift their phones to their heads.

Setting up the H15 was indeed simple: hit a button, tell your phone to look for it, and voila! A series of different coloured lights handily tell you when the device is in pairing mode, or even the state of its battery life.

While it’s obviously easiest to use with a Motorola, we had no trouble setting it up on a Nokia, and it is designed to work with any Bluetooth-enabled phone. That said, the included directions didn’t offer much help for non-Motorola handsets, so if any other models require more fiddling, it could get difficult.

Compared to some, this handsfree is small enough that it doesn’t take up half the face, but not so tiny it looks like a space-age hearing aid, either. It’s minimalist design features a silver button to change the volume and set it into pairing mode. The microphone – or as Motorola calls it, the ‘boom’ – slides out, keeping it compact when not in use and telling the MotoPure H15 to shut off and conserve battery power.

Indeed, Motorola promises seven hours on standby. When the four or so hours of active talk time are up, the MotoPure H15 can be docked on its charge stand, where it will still accept calls – just pick it up, attach it to your ear, and get chatting.

The small black oval shape isn’t fancy looking by any means, but its straight forward design and tiny size keeps it unobtrusive. By weight and size alone, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it.

That is, assuming you can sort out the fit in your ear. The earphone apparently comes with a series of foam cushions to help personalise the fit, but our trial version didn’t come so equipped. But even without the foamy bits, the earphone sat comfortably in the ear most of the time. The whole piece is held on with a clear plastic hook, which can be flipped to wear the H15 on either ear, but did keep getting stuck in my hair and messing with my earring.

Call quality is decent. It’s not as clear or crisp as holding my phone straight to the ear, but voices and music sound just a bit off and just a bit tinny. On the other end, my voice apparently sounded distant at times. The H15 does manage to cut out background noise well, however.

The MotoPure H15 is a solid handsfree headset which does what it says on the tin – with little fanfare, but little hassle, too. Not bad for the £50 price tag.

Motorola MotoPure H15 Info

Typical Price: £55

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Easy to set up
Fits easily
Cuts out background noise well

Fiddly ear hook, especially for the ladies
Getting the right fit will take some effort
Call quality not perfect

Verdict: The Motorola MotoPure H15 is easy to use, wears well and has decent call quality – what more could you want from a handsfree headset?

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More info: Motorola website

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