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If you’ve started listening less to your MP3 collection and more time listening to streaming music services such as Spotify and Last.FM, you may find it irritating when you’re on the road or at the gym listening to your music collection, and realise you have none of the music you’ve been listening to for the past few months.

Up steps Mobbler – the open source application that lets you tap into the Last.FM world while on the move. Merely opening the application puts it into “scrobbling” mode. This is great if you like to keep your music profile as up to date as possible – it will detect what music you are listening to using the internal music player and update your profile accordingly.

It’ll even download the album art for your music and allow you to do things such as add those tracks to your Last.FM playlists, love them, share them with your friends or start a station looking for similar artists. Most of the other features of the Last.FM API are also implemented – such as viewing friends and your shoutbox.

Mobbler is even smart enough to queue your scrobbling for a later date – if you’d sooner stay in offline mode. This means that you don’t even have to have a 3G data allowance, as you can wait until you get home and use your wireless connection for scrobbling.

The most obvious function of Mobbler is to listen to streaming music – either your loved tracks, playlists or creating a whole new station based around an artist. This can be done over WiFi or 3G, although if you’re on 3, you’ll need to read the Mobbler FAQ first.

Streaming over 3G will use a fair amount of bandwidth, but will also sap your battery dry. Thankfully, Mobbler includes the option to stream at a lower quality 64k  – which will use a little less of both. When out on the road, you’ll find the 64k support very useful as it you aren’t as dependent on having the perfect 3G connection. However, it does require a fairly stable one, so don’t expect to be streaming away while on a train.

Mobbler is about as complete as you can expect in terms of a Last.FM client and has extra functionality such as an alarm and sleep mode. Free is a magic word we love, but unfortunately, unless you are a Last.FM subscriber at £3 a month, very soon you won’t be able to use Mobbler for streaming, only scrobbling. So take advantage of it while you still can!

Mobbler info

Ease of use:
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Platform: Symbian S60

Price: Free


Website/Demo: Mobbler website

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