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MMS Photo Messenger equips your iPhone with MMS capabilities, something the current OS doesn’t feature. This means that photos, videos and sounds can be sent much like a text message.

The app links up to your O2 online MMS mailbox. Whenever you’re sent an MMS message, it is automatically deposited by O2 into this online mailbox. The primary function of this App is to automatically ‘collect’ this message and deliver it to your phone, as if it had been sent and received instantly.

It also enables you to buy additional MMS credits using Paypal. These let you send messages at the reduced rate of £0.35/message.

The benefits of this App are obvious. Without it, you cannot enjoy the relatively dated privilege of sending and receiving MMS messages on your iPhone. As MMS Photo Messenger automatically reviews your online O2 mailbox, you receive the MMS messages fairly instantly, almost as if your phone was already equipped with MMS capabilities. Additionally, with this App, you can save the contents of your favourite MMS messages in your ‘drafts’ folder.

The variety of content that can be sent using Photo Messenger is fairly comprehensive- anything from album covers to downloaded photos and videos. Pictures can even be taken, using the camera, and sent mid-message.

Despite all these ‘perks’, Photo Messenger is set to become all but obsolete with the arrival of the new iPhone OS 3.0. This software update has MMS messaging as standard, for all that download the package.

The other thing to consider is that, even with the Photo Messenger credit scheme, sending MMS messages on an iPhone is still relatively expensive when compared to the charges on most other phones and contracts.

MMS Photo Messenger is free to download but, unlike other free applications, there’s a significant hidden costs involved once you begin to use its features. Considering the imminent release of the iPhone update, the app seems fairly pointles, and probably not worth downloading – unless you are desperate to send an MMS message this minute.

MMS Photo Messenger info

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Platform: Apple iPhone

Price: Free

Developer: Ed Lea

Website/Demo: N/A

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